The boiler is the most relevant and used household appliance. Boilers usually lasts for quite a long time before they decide to give up on you, especially if you don’t ensure a great maintenance. However, many homeowners are left with no hot water or water pressure in the middle of the winter. Ice-cold showers during the coldest months of the year? No, thanks. Luckily, there are some signs indicating that your boiler might need replacement.

Emergency boiler repair

A well-maintained boiler should last for years, without showing any issues. If yours needs a repair, then keep running it like always won’t help: better call a boiler specialist that could tell you exactly the cause of the issue. An emergency boiler professional will evaluate and analyze the total cost of repairs, and tell you whether you need a new boiler.

Causes that might determine your broken boiler

Water leaks

Leaks are the most common issues you will find generally with boilers. But if the water leak occurred a long time ago, then it might have lowered the structural integrity of the home, and lead to mold. This can be especially dangerous for people with asthma. Along with the water leaks, the boiler could have carbon leaks, which is fatal if it goes undetected. Some of the signs for water leaks include:

  • Sooty stains
  • Increased condensation in windows
  • Pilot lights keeping turning off

If you notice any of these signs, make sure you call the gas inspector before calling the boiler professional to come to fix your boiler. You might as well consider installing a carbon alarm in your home to avoid any fatalities.

Old boiler

If your boiler just got broken, then you might be wondering what to do to repair it. The thing could be simple: have your boiler replaced with a new one.

In some cases, repairs aren’t possible, or it could cost you money that you can use and buy a new one. But a homeowner’s instinct is to repair it, rather than purchase a new boiler. But if none of these options work for you, you can always rent a boiler.

Yes, boiler rental is possible, and it’s also an affordable option if you don’t have the money to buy a new one. Heating experts will always advise you to do what benefits you most.

And if this is the case where you need to rent a boiler, then you shouldn’t wait long to do it.


Older boilers require special attention. There isn’t a rule, but a boiler will automatically need replacement after ten years or less. But there might be boilers out there that work effectively for 20 or 30 years.

However, these boilers with such exceptional longevity are usually well-maintained and very well manufactured. So, this might be a good reason to carefully choose the brand of the boiler.

Emits too many noises

Now, a boiler that emits a lot of weird noises definitely needs replacement. It indicates that the objects are shaking and vibrating against each other.

Sometimes, this could be the result of air in the pipes. Removing the excess air in the system is a simple thing to do, you won’t even have to call an engineer. Trying to locate the course of the sound and tighten up those loose valves on your radiators.

Finally, check the pipes and determine if they’ve been clipped well. Usually, unclipped pipework is the cause of these noises. If you are sure that all the pipework is done, then you might not call the plumber.

Higher running costs

Running an old boiler can increase the energy bills. So, check your boiler’s energy efficiency by looking at the ERP label. This is a red-colored label that indicates the inefficiency of the boiler, which means that it needs replacement.

If you are replacing your boiler, expect it to cost about $2,000-$4,000. These prices can range, depending on where you choose to buy the boiler from.

Also, a boiler that runs on gas is half of the price of an electric boiler. Modern boilers come with a much better energy rating, which means that you have to replace your older boiler. New boilers also have better controls that will ease your work.

Radiators take too long to heat up

If your boiler takes too many long hours to produce heat or hot water, it means that you might deal with a faulty radiator. Your boiler might also have blockages in the system, so you might consider calling a professional to let them inspect and repair the system.

If the problem persists, then it’s time to have the entire unit replaced. If you have a noisy radiator problem, this can be due to air in the system, as mentioned before.

Give your central heating system a power flush or pull off the air from the pipes. Always ask a professional to come and give you a hand. Your radiator might work well but take too long to heat up. You may need to balance your heating system by turning the thermostatic valve up. Radiators that take too long to heat up are the result of a faulty thermostat.

How often should you replace your boiler? As mentioned already, boilers aren’t designed to last a lifetime. There are many benefits to install a new boiler, and these include energy efficiency and better reliability.

So, it is recommended to change the boiler every fifteen years, or less. Getting your boiler serviced once in a while will help eliminate the dangers and risks that can lead to boiler breakdowns.

If you want to know how much a boiler evaluation costs, then just call your boiler professional and require an appointment. Hiring a professional will prevent future breakdowns and keep your boiler functioning properly.

It’s important to contact an expert as soon as you notice any noise or leak. Connect to a range of professionals in your area just by looking through the internet.