Are you planning to paint the interiors? If so there are multiple choices available for you. You can go for some oil painting, some weather coats, or for some textured rendered finish. The first two options are good enough, but you may wonder, why use weather coating inside the house? Well, it is the best mechanism to protect the walls from damps. Weather coat will soak the moisture and will not allow the wall to get hold the moisture for years and thus your wall will look fit and fine for years, without maintenance.

Why opt for the Textured Rendered Finish?

Textured Render Finish

The final option among the three is the best among all, where you can include the weather coats too. The weather coats can include in the paint and yet can be textured. The main thing about textured rendered finish is that you can be extremely creative on the display. However, there are other usages and good sides of the same too. Let us check out the perks of this finish for the betterment of your house:

Benefits of using Textured Rendered Finish:

Textured Render Finish

  • You can enhance the beauty of your house by unleashing your creativity through this rendered finish. Try being creative on your walls, using different patterns on the wall to make them look grand and sophisticated. The walls of your house can narrate the words of your heart to make it a better place to live in. Textured walls undoubtedly look much better than plain colored ones.
  • The textured rendered finish is related to the matte-finish of the walls. When you put a flower vase in front of an oily wall, the glamour that it shows is much feebler than that of the wall with a textured finish – there is no doubt on that. Hence, with the textured finish, you can make the wall very much expressive by all means.
  • The walls when coated with textured rendered finish are very much durable in terms of colors. They won’t get damaged so early and hence they are perfect for your daily life. The textured rendered finish also protects the house from the fungal growth and prevents the paint from cracking and peeling off.
  • The textured rendered finish can beautify any old structure or building. If you want to augment the beauty of your house, you may try stone textures or other metallic textures too. If you are passionate about the oldies and the mementos and the stone carvings and have a stock of that with you, then these walls are perfect for showing them. Hence, make your drawing-room look impressive with a stone type textured rendered finish.
  • Textured rendered finish of the interior or exterior walls of the house is of low maintenance. It needs annual maintenance, thus, saving you from a recurring cost. Since the walls are highly durable it requires less attention and saves your money.
  • The textured finish walls have great insulation properties that can keep the interior temperature warm during winters and cool during summers. Thus, it significantly minimizes your electricity bills, as the consumption of air conditioners and heaters is reduced. If lofty electricity bills troubling you, try these textured walls.

The Final Verdict

Textured Render Finish

So, it is time to get the things renewed in a way that it has never been before. Apply some creativity to make the exterior walls of your house more endearing. rendered finish not only enhances the attractiveness of the house, but it also is the best construction material that ensures durability.