Whether you are a professional handyman who works all season or just a beginner wanting to fix things around the house, a pro set of tools is essential. No matter at what level you are, everyone must own a pro set of tools in their homes.

Start with the vital tools set and gradually improve your handyman game. Don’t worry about where to start because we have got you covered. You will find the perfect set of tools on the Boat Diaries site. We have done a fair share of research to find the right tools that save your day.

Whether you are a DIY fan or a professional, a basic tool kit is all you need! Calling a handyperson for minor loose pipes or wires is time-consuming and costly. A handyman charges around 60$ to 125$ per hour depending upon his expertise. But now you can become one yourself with basic skills and the right tools.

10 Essential Tools For All Seasons And Reasons!

Are you worried about spending banks on tools to stay fully equipped? No need anymore because a few basics are enough to get you going! Keep reading to find the initial tools you need to stock up for a professional toolset.


  1. Hammer: all tool sets are incomplete without a hammer. They aid in demolishing as well as construction. A bonus of a claw hammer is that it spits nails plus extracts them. Moreover, claw hammer provides more grip and sustainability than wooden hammers.
  2. Screwdrivers: screwdrivers are handy in all household tasks, so they are a must in all tools set. You can’t even fix a table without the help of screwdrivers. Buy magnetic screwdrivers for starters, so you don’t lose any pieces. Invest in fundamental screwdriver sets to begin your handyman journey and later buy upgraded sets.
  3. Measurement tape: measuring tape is necessary for construction. Furthermore, almost all tasks require some measuring. Hence it’s crucial to have a measuring tape in your toolset. Ensure to get a thick measuring tape for precise measurements.
  4. Pliers: Pliers are one of the most mandatory toolbox items. They are used for handling wirework. An adjustable pair and needle nose plier are the two must-have pliers in your custody. They both perform individual tasks. Pliers are indispensable when it comes to doing wonders with electric work.
  5. Saws: this monster is enough to cut through all kinds of materials. Guarantee a refined saw and see it doing wonders cutting through tiles, wood, etc. Saws are great time-savers with sharp cutting powers. More specifically, circular saws are recommended more than jigsaws due to their functionality.
  6. Blades: Add blades, scissors, or cutters to your handyman tool kit. They come in handy for cutting tapes, wires, packages, drywall, etc. Blades are necessary to make your task more accessible and to get things done in less time. Gone are the times when you had to rip through light material, save time and add these items to your tool kit.
  7. Drill machine: a convenient drilling machine makes your job ten times easier. Drilling machines are helpful while putting things together, such as furniture. Moreover, they also drill and extract nails. Work smarter, not harder!
  8. Sander: sanders are one of the most critical items in the handyman’s toolbox. Whether you need to smooth a surface or give it a matt finish, sanders are your go-to helpers. These are utilized in almost all metal work, woodwork, or any handyman jobs.
  9. Adhesives: adhesives help stick things together and prove useful in many major furniture works. Add adhesives such as duct tape, wood glue, electric tape, and superglue to your kit. Choose a wise tape, and it might be your ultimate power tool! Be sure to learn more about industrial-grade super glues, too.
  10. Safety equipment: Make sure to keep your safety in check while performing all handy tasks. A professional toolbox is always incomplete without safety equipment. Make sure to include goggles, safety gloves, and earplugs. This safety equipment will keep you safe while working with any power tools.

These are some essential handyman tools you should keep in the house. Take your time to shop around, and make sure to keep your tools clean and maintained to protect your investment.

The Last Words!

Everyone should know their way around tools regardless of expertise or position. We have listed some mandatory tool sets essential to complete your go-to toolbox. Whether you are a beginner wanting to help at home or a professional handyman, our listed items have your back!

Become one of the 55% of Americans that own a toolbox at home to make your life convenient. You can start your beginner’s kit with the basics mentioned above and improve and customize it later. No more panicking over hefty investments; start small and grow big eventually. Get your hands on these necessities, and you are good to go!