Bedsheets are available mainly in two different forms: flat sheets and fitted sheets. Flatbed sheets are rectangular, whereas fitted sheets are also rectangular but have four corners. The fitted sheets can be used from both sides & have elastic at all four edges. It is used as the bottom sheet only. The fitted sheets may contain string or tie other than elastic. The fitted sheets secure the mattress and prevent the slipping while you are using your bed.

Whether you use a flat sheet or fitted sheets, both are used to secure the mattress and create a smooth and soft surface, comfortable enough to lay down. What matters is, do you want a tight-fitting sheet that does not come out when you are using your bed? Or do you want a bed sheet that is easy to fold & store? It matters because we all have different tastes, some of us like tightly fitted bedding covers while others want a flat sheet as an extra layer of their bedding.

Tips for choosing a fitted sheet:

Fitted sheets are used to cover the mattress mostly & do not play any role in designing the bedding. They are meant to protect the mattress and make it soft, smooth, & comfortable. So, when you are out buying the fitted sheets for your bed, remember to have the right dimensions of your mattress. Dimensions include the width, length, & thickness of the mattress. They are necessary to make sure that you are buying the right sized fitting cover which will fit tightly & well to your mattress by making nice and neat corners & stay in place. Oversized fitted sheets do not fit your bed and keep slipping.

As far as the fabric materials are concerned, cotton, polyester, linen, silk, modal, local, bamboo rayon, & polypropylene are being used to manufacture fitted sheets. Among which pure cotton & cotton blends are quite popular in the market. Polyester & cotton is the most common blend available in the market, and this blended fabric material contains the properties of both polyester & cotton. The cotton adds softness and moisture absorbance properties, whereas; polyester makes the fabric stiff, durable & wrinkle-free. Bamboo bed sheets are suitable for hypoallergenic patients; they are low cost, soft and contain hypoallergenic fibres. These sheets are widely used at hospitals & shelter homes & are disposed of off after being used.

What is a deep fitted sheet?

Deep fitted sheets are similar to fitted sheets but are used when you are using a topper with your mattress. These sheets have a deeper drop than fitted sheets to support the deep mattress. With deep fitted sheets, you do not need to worry about edges shape at all. You just need to put it on the mattress, and it’ll settle itself. These sheets do not have elastic on edges only but all around, which makes it easy to adjust on the mattress. The main advantage of the deep fitted sheets is that you do not need to readjust the sheet daily because they are tight enough to stay at their place for many days in a row.


How to fix the over-size fitted Bed Sheets?

It is essential to buy the right sized bed sheets for your bed regardless of what size they have. Bed sheets come in many sizes, so you always need measurements in hand before buying them. Without measurements, you may buy too large or small bed sheets which will be useless for you & you will have to return it and repurchase it. To cut this hassle, you need the right measurements. But if you accidentally have bought an king size fitting bed sheet and do not have time to return it, we have a shrinking guide for your fitting sheets, so keep calm and try it out;

1: put your fitting sheets in the washing machine and run on the hot cycle.

2: once the cycle completes, remove the fitted sheets from the machine and put them in the drying machine. Again run the hot cycle and keep running it until the sheets dry entirely.

3: Put on the dried fitted sheet on your mattress to determine if it has shrunk enough. If you still find it loose, put it in the washing machine again and run another hot cycle to shrink them more.