Mattresses aren’t created all equal and deciding on which one to buy can be a hard task. This is especially the case if you are dealing with some back or neck pain which leaves you no option but to pick the best.

Aside from endless manufacturer lists, there are many factors to consider such as material, size, and cost, to enjoy a good night’s rest and for your general health.

Good knowledge of the available options will not only make it easy to pick out the best mattress for your needs but will save you plenty of time too.

What is a Pocket Strung Mattress?

A pocket sprung mattress has multiple springs with each spring sewn into its own fabric. These individual pocket springs work independently and pressure is only applied to specific points depending on an individual’s sleeping style.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses


For example, if you are a side sleeper, then the pocket springs in the hip area will provide the necessary support needed with no compression on the rest of the pocket springs.

Benefits of a Pocket Strung Mattress

While we sleep, our bodies carry out restorative functions that enhance our health. For example, our minds and bodies recharge, damaged tissue is repaired, and vital organs get to slow down a bit.

A good mattress provides the necessary support for these functions to take place and where this is neglected, we pay with various aches and pains.

With many types of mattresses to choose from, these pocket sprung mattress benefits make it stand out from the rest, and will hopefully make you consider getting one for yourself.

1. Good Movement Absorption

Motion transfer can affect the quality of your sleep especially if you are a light sleeper. A little disturbance can keep you awake all night. A pocket strung mattress is designed to minimize motion transfer by isolating or absorbing movements. This makes it a perfect option when sharing a bed. This design, where the springs work independently, also provides perfect support and comfort for better sleep.

2. Helps With Temperature Regulation


A well-built mattress has the ability to regulate heat while you sleep and keep you cool and comfortable. Advanced technology used in building this mattress incorporates the use of temperature control materials such as memory foams and gels that draw heat away from you as you sleep.

With a pocket strung mattress, the individual pocket springs allow for easier air circulation helping to curb any unpleasant odors as well as regulate temperature as you sleep. This breathable design allows for easier airing and cleaning of the mattress naturally.

3. Provides for Good Spine Alignment

If you suffer from any form of back pain for any reason, a pocket sprung mattress can be of great benefit in easing the pain.

As you sleep your spine must be properly aligned to avoid injuries or pain. A pocket sprung mattress easily supports your natural body curves as opposed to regular spring mattresses. It’s designed to accommodate any type of sleeper- side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or backsleeper.

4. Perfect for Different Shapes and Sizes

When picking a mattress for two, you have to keep in mind the different body shapes and sizes.This ensures that everyone is comfortable.

As mentioned earlier, a pocket sprung mattress can mold to any individual’s body curves. The minimal motion transference will ensure that it retains its shape and firmness irrespective of the pressure exerted on it.

5. Lasts Long

MemoryFoamvsSpringMattressSide by SideComparison

The durability of a mattress will depend on factors such as the materials used, usage, and how well you take care of it.

According to the Better Sleep Council, you should replace your mattress at least every 7 years. However, with quality design and care, a mattress can serve you for 2-3 times this recommended period.

Bumps, dips, wear and tear, as well as dirt and bad odors are some of the reasons why you may need to replace your mattress sooner. A pocket sprung mattress’ design addresses these concerns adequately. Even weight distribution capabilities minimizes the formation of any bumps and dips, while the spring pockets make it breathable reducing any odors.

Bottom Line

A good mattress is one of those personal items you should not skimp on. A good one, or lack thereof, will affect your health and general well-being whether you are aware of it or not.

You do not have to limit your luxury sleep experiences to that rare holiday get away. With a

pocket sprung mattress, you can have this experience in the comfort of your homeevery day.