The demand for Water Storage Tanks is increasing day by day. Every house does have them and even industries and commercial. They have all types of sizes available like 1000 liters, 2000 liters, etc. But the point is you have understood its proper use, working and it’s meaning. As you want to store water. The tanks are a must for all the people. If you want to buy perfect water tanks for the house you must know how do they work and what is their use. Then only you will be able to buy storage tanks.

Meaning of Water Storage Tanks

These are the huge containers that have the capacity to hold water which can be used for more than 3-4 days. Usually they’re connected to your whole house tap which creates pressure and you get water from that tank to the water taps. There are various kinds of water storage tanks available in India.

Like steel, plastic, aluminum, etc. The tank must be anti-bacterial plus UV stabilized. If the sun rays fall on water tanks and there are no shield layers the water will get the algae in the water. So, buy the Water Tank which has these features in them.

How does a water storage tank work?

The water tanks are usually installed at your terrace you want how it works. When you get them to install they install a switch to open motor so, that water can be stored in a water tank and then transfer the water into your taps in the kitchen. The water usually used in washrooms or cleaning purposes is groundwater. The other water is corporation water. You can store kinds of water in the tank.

So, here is something you must know that there is an inlet pipe which fills water in the tank and other pipe outlet pipes which transfer water into the taps. The distance taps and Water Storage Tank have more pressure of water will come into the taps.

Use of Water Storage Tanks

For the household purpose, the Water Storage Tanks are used to store plenty of water and you can use them in any kind of household purpose. at the time of the water power cut or any kind of problem like people usually say today there will no supply of water in your homes through water taps. These tanks are then very helpful. And many houses don’t have full supply of cooperation after all the time so, to use at that time.

water tank

Another use is the industries and factories the commercial uses are different. They used even more than 50,000-liter os storage tanks just for commercial purposes. They can wash different machines and another equipment and use water in food preparation purposes in restaurants and much more.

Fire ambulance to have water tanks that are stored for a long time. Where ever there is some fire issue. They use them a lot. The chemical industry is famous for having big water tanks.

Features of Water Storage Tanks

They have an immense feature which makes them store water for long hours and days:

1. UV Stabilized
2. 100 % food-grade material
3. Anti-bacterial (No presence of Algae in water)
4. Virgin material used in their making
5. Eco-friendly product
6. FDA Approved material (Food and Drug Administration)
7. Can have multiple layers of shield protection (Depend on the which one you buy)
8. Keeps water at normal temperature for long purpose use

The cost usually starts from Rs.1,500 but it all depends on the type of brand and liter you pick up & share your business story here. The most popular brands in the Water tank are Sintex, Sheetal, Plasto, etc. Getinhours is perfect platform to buy all kinds of Water Storage Tanks at affordable prices.