A balcony is a vital part of a house and is often ignored by homeowners. So you must preserve it from the continuing water damage. If you stay in snowy or rainy areas, you need to waterproof the essential place. You cannot take balcony waterproofing light-heartedly. It also protects the roof from dry rot and mould.

The Risk to your Balcony:

Balcony WaterproofingTo keep your family and the people you love safe, you need to protect them with a waterproof balcony. However, the risk of not carrying balcony waterproofing is as under:
  • Wood Structured Balcony: The balcony containing wooden frame needs extra protection. It has both visible and non-visible threats. The invisible danger includes damage from dry rot to the structured parts. Dry rot can affect the wholeness of wood from inside out. You can check for dry rot by pressing down a part of wood with your hand or foot. If it is not as hard as before, there is a higher chance that it is affected by dry rot.
  • Concrete Structured Balcony: If you do not have a wooden structure but concrete, it does not mean that you don’t need protection. Waterproof structured concrete balcony too. If you waterproof your concrete, then it will carry extra protection coverage. But, if you don’t waterproof concrete, your balcony may suffer from mould, effects of UV rays, forming and mildew.

There is also another advantage of balcony waterproofing, i.e. it is economical for the long run. You will save future expenses related to deck repair that is costlier than waterproofing.

  • Balcony Leaking: It is a widespread problem experienced by many residents and can cause extensive damage if ignored. Leaking balcony creates damps, which invite termites and fungal growth. The patio if once infected by termites and fungus, it’s tough to get rid of them. Not to mention, the different health hazards that can affect the entire family.

If you are experiencing any slightest problem with your balcony, it is advisable to get it fixed by professionals.

Does the Process include Removal of Tiles?

Balcony waterproofing does not come under significant renovation. It can only take 24 hours to waterproof it with the help of a sealant. The cost is also reduced to half. If you use the sealant, you do not have to remove your tile. They cover it with a sealant to prevent water dripping. Also, it blocks the way of dirt getting collected and damaging more areas.

What does the service involve?

A technician visits your house and has a close inspection of your balcony and the surface that needs repair. They give some guideline as to how to prepare the balcony surface for carrying out the work. When ready, the worker carries out their work by applying the sealant on tiles and grout joints. Also, they use chemical tile and perimeter seal.

Why should you take an immediate step?

Balcony waterproofing should not be delayed if you inspect any balcony damage. It can create a lot of problems like mentioned below:

  • Water penetration problem can affect your neighbours too, which can then turn into litigation.
  • Mould infestation in the damped area can be harmful to health-wise.
  • The discolouration of the ceiling will demand repaint.
  • The electrical system may get short-circuited, which can be dangerous for residents.


Balcony Waterproofing

If your balcony is suffering from leakage immediately opt for professional balcony waterproofing, do not do it by yourself. It can cause more damage to it. To fix the problem, it requires expertise, certain tools, equipment and a specific technique.