Mid-century modern decor refers to the style of furniture and interior design from the mid-20th century. It was heavily influenced by the Bauhaus design, which is German, and it also has influences from Scandinavian design as well.

This style of decor grew popular following World War II when many German designers emigrated to America. Because of the development of mass production, furniture was able to be manufactured in large quantities, which made it accessible to larger groups of people.

The popularity of this style never really died down, and even now, it’s still shown through the media; Mad Men, a show that was widely popular, heavily showcased this style of decor. It’s still a preference for many different people, and a part of the population who should choose mid-century modern decor is men because several of the different characteristics appeal to them.

modern decor men


The mid-century modern decor uses neutral colors, like black, white, and gray, along with earthy colors, like orange, brown, and deep clay red. There are other pops of color, but they are often used in soft, pastel hues. For men, this style of decor is perfect because it’s absent of bright, vibrant colors that may otherwise be unappealing to them.

For men who do like pops of color and mixing colors, mid-century modern design was also known to play with colors. It contrasted bold accent colors against neutral tones, commonly with blue and red hues. So, regardless of a man’s color scheme preference, mid-century modern decor fits.


Styles and trends are often shifting, and with it are interests shift as well. A certain style of couch may look outdated amongst newer furniture and may no longer fit the aesthetic you’re going for.

This is why men should choose mid-century modern decor. This style of decor is well-designed and meant to be timeless. It spread in popularity in the United States in the mid-20th century, yet it is still commonly found even today, amongst all the other styles of interior design. This is because mid-century modern decor sits well in contemporary homes and fits in with furniture of any color or style. This means that no matter what style you decorate your home with or what furniture fills your space, mid-century modern decor is going to fit right in.

modern decor men


One of the best qualities of mid-century modern decor is that they are based on functionality; function is preferred over form. Pieces aren’t made just for aesthetic purposes but to serve a purpose. For example, a chair is meant to be set on, and a table is meant to be used. But beyond that, there are no extra, unnecessary artifacts or trinkets scattered about. When you purchase mid-century modern decor, you know you’re going to put it to use.

Minimalism goes hand in hand with functionality, and it is another key characteristic of mid-century modern decor. Most homes that are solely occupied by men are lacking in most decorations and furniture; in college, there was a young man who only had one of each utensil, several pairs of identical-looking clothing, one blanket, a pillow without a pillowcase, and three-in-one soap. Men are simple and don’t require anything beyond necessity, which is why mid-century modern decor is perfect for them. All they really need is simple statement pieces, like a sofa or shelf, instead of ornate details and collectibles.

Clean and Simple

The clean lines and simplicity of mid-century modern decor are aesthetically pleasing. There’s a large focus on simple pieces; you won’t find decor or furniture with intricate carvings and designs. This style of design is meant to showcase the beauty of simplicity, with clean lines and organic shapes.

modern decor men


Within mid-century modern decor, both natural and synthetic elements are brought together to contrast. During the time when this style became popular, materials that were new to the time, like plastic, acrylic, fiberglass, and other synthetic materials, were experimented with and incorporated into mid-century modern furniture and decor. There were also new Innovations with textiles, and softer materials like mohair, fur, and velvet were being used more widely.

For men, this helps make choosing decor a simpler process because they don’t have to worry about choosing decor made from specific materials. They can mix and match different kinds of materials to fit their interests.


Many men are fans of the great outdoors, and nature is a large component of mid-century modern decor. Incorporating nature into decor is very easy; it can be achieved merely by bringing in potted plants to add pops of color or keeping windows bare or covered with sheer to encourage a sense of continuity of the outside world in the home.

For men who are more outdoorsy, natural elements like wooden branches and pine cones can be brought in for decor.

There are many different aspects of mid-century modern decor that appeal to the interests of men, which is why every man should give it a try at some point.