Have you ever thought of using spray insulation at your home? This is typically a product called Profoam that is very easy to use. This is designed for people that want to insulate the walls that they already have existing walls in place. If you are building a home, you typically use standard insulation that can be placed inside of the walls. Once the walls are up, however, it typically requires someone to bring them down to put in the installation. By simply drilling a small hole, and using the equipment provided, you can spray this material inside of the walls in order to insulate them. Here is an overview of why you would want to use this material and how you can find for sale. Contact Profoam here: http://www.profoam.com/

What Exactly Is This Insulation?

In many of these spray foam insulation’s that are produced, they consist of two separate materials. This will include isocyanate and polyol resin, each of which will combined with the other producing a liquid type of foam. It can actually expand to over 50 times its actual size, and that’s why it is so useful. When using this particular type of insulation, you can quickly insulate very large areas with a small quantity of this chemical base liquid.

Why Would You Want To Use It?

The most obvious reason that people would use this type of insulation is that it’s faster. If you already have the structure for your home bills, you can simply spray this into place. The other reason is that you do not have insulation in one particular wall, or multiple walls, that are at your home. If this occurs, instead of removing all of the sheet rock and other boards, you can simply drill holes, insert an extension of a spray foam tool into the wall, and it will do the rest.

Will This Take Long To Use?

In most cases, jobs that would have taken hours to do will take half the time. It can be even faster if you are allowing skilled individuals to work simultaneously. If you need an attic insulated, your walls, or even your basement, this is an excellent material that you can start using. It is also safe to use, and once it has fully expanded, it will also act as a natural barrier toward preventing heat loss and reduce the sound of the outside world.


Spray foam has been around for many years. However, many improvements have been made. Not only are the chemicals more active, but they are using more efficient equipment. If you have been wanting to insulate a particular area of your home, or an office complex, spray foam would be the ideal choice to make. You can find professionals that will be willing to help you get this completed in a reasonable amount of time. You can find Profoam in your immediate area that will be willing to help you out. Simply get quotes on how much it will cost, compare the prices, and higher the company that offers to do it for less.