Most people know the importance of drinking water, but only a few of them make efforts to drink adequate water daily.  The reasons for drinking less water are many. Some people are not conscious of their bodily requirements while others forget to drink water unless they feel thirsty. Many people are bored of plain drinking water due to which they don’t drink enough water.

However, there are many ways to add flavor to your drinking water. From adding fruit juices to artificial flavours there are many things you can add to Spice up plain drinking water. Let us explore all the ways to add taste to water.

Artificial flavours.

There are many types of artificial flavours available in the form of powders and liquids. You can try small packets of different flavours and finalize the one that suits you best. Most of the flavours are available in the summer season. So summer is the best time to try a variety of flavours and choose the one with the best taste.



Add a few slices of orange to cold water and set aside for a few hours. Oranges are rich in  potassium, calcium, vitamin A, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Also, they are a rich source of vitamin C that fights infections.


If you want a sweet drink or a slightly sour drink, mango can be used both ways. Add a few cubes of mango to the water and set aside. You can add salt or honey as per taste. Mango cleans skin, lowers cholesterol, is rich in vitamin A, improves immunity and digestion.

Flavoured ice cubes.

ice cubes

Although there are artificial flavours available you can make flavoured ice cubes at your home to add them to water. Squeeze your favourite fruit juices and put them in an ice tray in the freezer box of your refrigerator. Whenever you want to add flavour to your water add some cubes to your glass. This is a good way to encourage children to drink more water.


Lemon is one of the best things you can add to your water. It offers you plenty of Vitamin C and helps treat sore throats and viral infections. Drinking lemon water also increases immunity and cleanses the digestive organs.

Lemon tea

Lemon tea is a refreshing drink and great to recover from hangovers. It also helps treat the skin problems like acne, cleans the blood and boosts immunity. However, consuming hot tea can warm your body in summer. Therefore it is better to prepare lemon tea in cold water and add honey to sweeten it.


Add a few mint leaves, along with slices of strawberries soaked in water. Strawberry is an excellent fruit for fighting heart problems. It is rich in antioxidants that reduce aging, and reduces inflammation in any part of the body. Also, they are rich in manganese that is good for bone health.


You can add Ginger to drinking water in the winter season. As ginger produces heat in the body it is useful only in winters not in summer. Ginger is available in natural form and powder form that is easy to add in drinking water. It offers plenty of medical benefits as it improves appetite digestion and fights common colds.

Lemon mint

lemon mint

This is a classic way of infusing natural flavors into water. And both materials have many health benefits. Apart from the health benefits, it is a refreshing summer drink for a hot, moist day. Immediately hydrate and rejuvenate your senses.


A few slices of cucumber in water not only add flavor, but also refresh it during summer. Cucumbers can prevent cancer, control blood pressure, improve skin and nail health, lower cholesterol and also serve as diuretics.


Kiwi is an expensive fruit, but it is rich in vitamin C, E, potassium, folic acid, enhances immunity and reduces free radicals. Cut a few slices of kiwi and add them to fresh drinking water.


Take a juicy red apple and add the slices to a jar of water. It will also infect water with healthy nutrients and flavor. Apples can reduce the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, lower cholesterol, detox your liver, boost your immune system and prevent gallstones.

Cucumber and Lemon Grass

Both ingredients – cucumber and lemon grass are refreshing foods for summer. Cut the cucumber into slices and throw in a jar with lemongrass. Cucumber and lemongrass flavored water is a good way to stay fresh, hydrated and healthy.

Final Words

These are some ways to add flavour to your drinking water. Adding taste to your water makes it easy to drink and keeps you motivated to stay hydrated. Following the tips in this post can help you to enhance the taste of water and encourage you to drink more water for your health.