If you don’t yet own a fishing rod yourself or know anybody who does, you’ve probably seen one in movies. A fishing rod is a long and flexible tool used to catch fish. It’s a pole attached to a line which has a hook at the end. The rod is often two to 20 feet long, and it entices fish with a bait attached to one or more hooks. The line is typically housed in a reel.

Nowadays, fishing rods are often made of fibreglass or carbon fibre, while in the past they were made of wood. Bamboo, ash and hickory are just some of the types of wood used in making fishing rods.

Fishing rods are popular for recreational use and competitive casting. They come in dozens of different sizes, lengths and configurations. They also come in many different styles for different actions of recreational fishing, such as ice fishing and fly fishing. Small, medium and large fish can be caught by fishing rods in saltwater or freshwater.

Some Types of Fishing Rods

There are various types of fishing rods for various uses. Fly rods are used to cast artificial flies for fish bait. Baitcasting rods and spinning fish rods cast bait or lures, which are always larger than flies. For fishing through ice-covered lakes, there are ice fishing rods. Baits or lures that are dragged behind fishing boats are accompanied by trolling rods. Telescopic fishing rods are collapsible fishing rods made for convenience due to their compact size when collapsed.

For each activity and kind of fishing, you are sure to find a type of fishing rod. It’s almost impossible to fish without one. Be careful, however. The wrong kind of fishing rod is just like not having one at all. It won’t catch fish. Along with it, you must be wearing fly fishing vest for extra comfort and safety whiling fishing.

Why Fish?

Sailboat Fishing

There are many recreational activities that one can do on the water, but there is something about fishing that makes a lot of people very passionate about it. Being on the water has its own sense of calm in itself but, having a fish take its first bite on your line can give you quite the rush as well. Here are more reasons to go fishing:

Fishing Introduces You to The Great Outdoors– Fishing takes a few hours to do so your time outdoors will increase. This can help balance your time spent indoors. Additionally, you get a chance to learn about fish and their habitat—and not from reading. It’s a great way to spend time away from your computer screen and electronic gadgets!

Fishing Teaches You Patience– Fishing requires you to wait for a strike. You’ll have to watch closely when you cast out a lure. Spend a few hours doing this and watch your patience grow.

Fishing Helps You Relax and Unwind- Fishing is often used in recreational therapy. Diminished depression and reduced inflammation are just some of the benefits of fishing. Often, your stress goes away when you fish.

You Can Form Special Bonds with Family and Friends Through Fishing- Memories of fishing trips can last a lifetime. The thrill of catching fish and witnessing stunning views often create bonds of friendship.

You Participate In the Conservation Of The Environment- Here’s something you didn’t know. As the fishing license purchases go towards research and waterway enhancement projects, you participate in the conservation of the environment. You become mindful of protecting our eco-systems.

It’s time to go out there and have a little taste of this activity! Do you know which fishing rod to buy yet? Many websites will help you get started with this new hobby!