If you are in the market for a new home, the question of where to live has probably crossed your mind. No matter what state or city you live in, each neighborhood has a distinct personality and finding the right one for you and your family is important.

If you are wondering what to consider when choosing the right location to move to, here are 7 factors that will help you make the choice.

1. Schools

When you have school-aged children, or plan to have children, and you need a place to live, checking the school district ranking should be on the top of your list. The school your child attends plays an important part in their education overall, including the college they’ll eventually attend.

You’ll want to check for class size, test scores as they relate to the neighborhood’s demographics, diversity, technology use, and more.

2. Crime

When you are choosing where to move, the crime rate should be at the top of your list. You want to move you and your family to a neighborhood that is safe so you can have less stress and an overall better quality of life.

Tip: drive through the neighborhood after dark and on weekends. You’ll get a feel for the safety of the neighborhood as well as the nighttime culture.

3. Amenities And Conveniences

For most, the best place to live will have many closeby amenities and conveniences. Are there grocery stores, gas stations, health services, libraries, dry cleaners, restaurants, etc.? Choosing a neighborhood with these conveniences will ultimately make your life easier when you are in your new home.

4. Open Space

Having green, open space is important for your health, especially if you have children who need space to roam and play outdoors. Consider an area with community parks, gardens, beautiful views, trails, and other open spaces for you to enjoy.

5. Tourists

For some, living in a tourist-heavy neighborhood is a fun and exciting way to experience new cultures while living right at home. For others, living in such an area is not ideal in any way.

When looking for a place to move, check and see if there is any hospitality real estate in the area. The number of hotels, travel centers, amusement parks, and golf courses will give you an idea of how many tourists visit that area.

6. Community Culture

The culture of the community where you live will make or break your experience. If you’re wanting a quiet living environment but move into a party-heavy neighborhood, you likely won’t be happy in your home.

Be sure to get a good feel of the neighborhood by talking to a realtor, neighbors and spending some time in the area.

7. Commute

When choosing where to live, never discount a long commute. It’s easy to fall in love with a neighborhood or a home and downplay a long commute in your mind, but later on, you will likely regret the decision.

Choosing a home within a reasonable commute to work, school, family members, etc., is a smart decision all around.

Where to Live: The Bottom Line

By considering these factors and figuring out what is important to you, deciding where to live can be a much easier process.

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