The arrival of babies is usually a joyous occasion for the family, relatives, and friends. These occasions are not always complete without giving gifts; that is characterized by gifting the newborn baby with amazing and useful items like baby’s memory book, baby cots, or a baby comfort blanket.

Whichever gift you might decide to bring along during such occasions, you need to ensure that the gift is unique and cherished by the baby’s parents. You can also opt for customized baby gifts.

Here is a list of eight unique and unusual gift ideas

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Baby’s Memory Book

What would be more attractive to a grown-up baby than having memories of his/her first year? Even though most parents have Insta feed chronicles of their baby, it would be crucial to have records of the baby’s memories and significant milestones in a baby book. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving the newborn baby a unique gift, a first-year baby book should be your first option.

Baby Cots

Baby cots are beds suitable for a newborn baby till he/she reaches the age of four when in a cot mode. However, the cot bed can also be converted to a toddler bed, and it is suitable for an additional two years. With these features, baby cots have become more useful as they are considered to provide the child’s necessary safety. If you are considering buying a special gift for a newborn baby, you should look no further than babyhood cots.

Baby Bath

Most moms are usually anxious to bath their newborns, especially new moms. Why don’t you help them by gifting their newborn with a baby bath? There are different kinds of baby baths. However, it would help if you consider buying the portable ones. It makes bathing the baby more practical and easier.

Baby Hammock

The traditional method used in getting a baby to sleep involves rocking the baby back and forth. The process is ordinarily tedious as it involves the use of arms. So, what could be more appealing than getting the baby fall asleep in a swaying hammock? Besides, the baby hammock is generally comfortable as it replicates the comfort of a mother’s womb. If you aren’t working on a tight budget, consider buying a baby hammock.

Soothing Sounds

The parents of a newborn baby are generally concerned with the little sleep they will likely get while trying to put them to sleep. Hence, having soothing sound machines that would help the newborn sleep better would be God-send. However, it is advisable to choose a machine with sound adjustments to help the mom keep the sounds at safe levels. The machines come in different colors and sizes. Consider getting any of the noise machines as a baby present.

Non-Contact Thermometer

This is among the necessities that a parent would need to help take care of her newborn. Like other thermometers, a non-contact thermometer helps a mother measure the baby’s temperature through the forehead or ear. Besides, the thermometer gives accurate results by filtering the environmental temperature and only showing the babies temperature. A parent won’t need to wake up their sleeping baby to take their temperature. I bet your friend will be so thankful if you give them such an item.

Portable Diaper Changing Station

Gifting your friend or your family with a portable diaper changing station could be one of the most inclusive and cherished gifts. The station is quite convenient as it has all the items a mother would need to change the baby. Besides, the station is entirely organized with its fitted compartments for wipes, lotions, diapers, and drawers for other smaller items that a mom could need. The amazing thing is that they come in different colors giving you a variety of options depending on the mom’s color taste and preference.

Baby’s Room Décor

Gifting a new mother with items used in decorating a babies room can be a good idea. However, you’re likely to be faced with a selection dilemma due to the extensive collection of items needed for the décor.

Gifting newborn babies with assorted gifts helps the parents save on additional costs they would have incurred while buying various items for their newborn baby. Even though there are various items that one could choose from, it is important to always opt for unique and unusual gifts rather than the common one. The above listed unique gifts will be highly appreciated.

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