Best Street Foods That You Need to Try in Indore


There’s no doubt that India is a paradise for food lovers. And if it’s street food that you’re obsessed with, there’s one city that will truly amaze you with its variety of flavours and tastes. And that’s Indore. There’s no limit to the number of cuisines you can try on the streets of Indore and at several different price points. So, if you’ve just moved to a hostel near IPS Academy, Indore, you’re definitely going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to street food. And to help you get started on the food trail of a lifetime, we’ve got a list of the most popular street foods in Indore and where you can find them. Check it out!

Poha Jalebi

An eccentric combination of breakfast foods that’s quite unique to Indore, poha jalebi combines the spicy and savoury poha with a delectably sweet jalebi. For additional texture and flavour, a generous sprinkling of bhujia can take this dish to the next level. Sure it might seem like an acquired taste to start with but you’re going to be obsessed with this breakfast combo once you’ve tried it. Young Tarang and Chappan Dukan are the places that you should definitely check out.

Khatta Samosa

You’ve probably tried samosa at one point in your life but until you try the Indore special with its extra tangy twist, you’re missing out. Khatta samosa is not your average potato filled deep-fried snack, it’s got a much more complex flavour profile and comes with the traditional sweet and spicy chutney on the side. Once you try this street food at Swadisht Samosa Corner, you’re going to become a major fan.

Moong Bhajia

Perfect for a rainy day, these bhajias are made from crushed lentils and spices, deep fried to perfection. A popular evening snack in Indore, moong bhajias are best enjoyed hot from the frying pan. Agrawal 420, Mahalakshmi Stall, Uncle ji Ke Moong Bhajiye are some of the best places for you to try out this delicious snack, but you’re sure to find them in almost every part of Indore.

Dahi Vada

One of the most popular street foods in Indore is the dahi vada. This is another dish in which there is a delicious combination of fried and spiced lentil balls with cold and tangy yogurt. Paired with the perfect spicy and sweet chutneys and spices, this is one dish that you’ll find difficult to put down. In fact, this is so popular that it has led to the establishment of places like Joshi Dahi Vada House which are named for this streetside snack.


Street food means snacks, and snacks mean namkeens, and there’s something about Indori namkeens that sets them apart from the rest of the country. You have a large variety of namkeens to choose from and you just have to try it out yourself. The namkeens of this city are ones that tourists never leave without so if you’re living in Indore you should definitely take advantage of this. Om Namkeen and Rattan Namkeen will be good places for you to pick up some namkeens.

Bhutte ki Kees

The Indori answer to polenta, bhutte ki kees is a specialty of this city. It’s prepared by boiling and mashing corn, which is then crumbled with gram flour and spices to make them ideal for frying. Sure it sounds like an elaborate preparation but all you have to do is enjoy the lip-smacking flavour. Joshi Dahi Bada House also serves this traditional delight so you can definitely try it.

Mawa Batti

Think gulab jamun but levelled up. Mawa batti is a sinful sweet treat full of rich and ghee-soaked nuts and thickened milk. These sweets are then deep fried and steeped in sugar syrup to take them to the next level. There’s no shortage of places in Indore where you can try out this street food but the stalls along Chappan Dukan are a good place to start.

Dal Bafla

You might have heard of the Rajasthani dish dal baati. Well, Indore has a take on that called dal bafla which is created by mixing and baking whole wheat flour, yogurt and spices. These are then accompanied by a rich and spicy dal that completes the dish. A perfect combination of savoury spiciness, Swadisht Samosa Corner is known for serving this so make sure you try it out.


There’s jalebi. Then there’s the Hulk version of jalebi that Indore specialises in called Jaleba. These huge versions of the traditional sweet are one of the most popular street foods in Indore. If you’re brave enough to try one by yourself, you might find that it’s not just a dessert but a meal in itself. Splitting a jaleba from Chappan Dukan with your friends is something you have to try at least once in Indore.


Kulfi Falooda

A dish that’s synonymous with the Indian sweet tooth, kulfi falooda is a very popular street food in Indore. The perfect combination of Indian ice-cream, with vermicelli noodles for texture and finally topped with sugar syrup and nuts, this dessert is a must try for all in Indore. Head to Maduram Sweets or Nema Kulfi Faluda Centre to get a taste.

Sabudana Khichdi

Khichdi has to be the national dish of our country and sabudana khichdi is a dish that the people of Indore swear by. And for good reason, because this dish is made with sauteed sabudana or tapioca pearls flavoured with curry leaves, onions, potatoes and local spices. This versatile dish can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks and will leave you hungry for more. Go and grab yourself a plate at Geeta Bhawan or Sawariya Chaat House.


One of the most commonly found street food in Indore, garadu is a dish made of deep-fried yams that are tossed in some fingerlicking spices. A dash of lime juice added before serving makes this local treat even more special. A winter favourite, you’re definitely going to fall in love with garadu once you try it out at various stalls across the city.

And those were some of the best street foods that you need to try in Indore. There’s a whole world of options out there and you can pick and choose your favourites according to your tastes. So, go ahead and check out all the delicacies that Indore has to offer. You certainly won’t end up disappointed.