The existing COVID-19 pandemic has, undoubtedly, disrupted many things and event planning has not been speared either. It has been hit hard by this situation which has forced people to adopt to the new normal and new ways of doing things. Many things have become expensive and the more reason why learning to do some things such as decorations in your wedding have become a priority to many around the world. But that hasn’t deemed the spirit and light of having magnificent weddings with great planning and decorations such as ceiling star projector. You can still manage to get affordable wedding planners that can work with your available budget in the unlikely event that you cannot do It yourself.

We’ve compiled some of the best ways to decorate your wedding and the guide is just amazing.

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Be clear on your preferred aesthetics

The point to start from as far as wedding décor is concerned is crystal clear in your mind on the type of look you want of your wedding venue at the end of the day. Do you want something glamorous? Classic? Minimalist or bohemian? Zen Engravings can help you out with your wedding decorations. Basically, settling on the wedding style that you want usually forms the first step in your guide to great wedding décor. Once you do that, then it’ll actually be a bit easier collecting the decoration items.

However, it is essential to mention that wedding styles might keep on changing a little bit especially at the early stages of planning, in the event that you didn’t have a clear picture on the wedding style that you wanted. This, in most cases, is occasioned by when one started to factor in the season in which they’ll wed, the guest count and budget among other things.

Wedding planning experts usually advise that you be relaxed and turn much of your focus on the kind of feeling that you want your big day to evoke – is it romantic, relaxed, edgy, or modern to mention a few?

Adopt a flexible approach on your color palette

There is nothing as beautiful as when you keep an open mind as far as wedding colors go. Try to consider using a color palette as a foundational guide to picking the exact shade of color that you want. This is, in most cases, is a bit tougher choice to many people who prefer being a bit sort ‘rigid’ on the choice of colors that they want but it is, definitely, something worth trying. In the event that you’re still not very clear on your chosen color, just do your research well on the trendy wedding colors and you’ll get your décor colors matching perfectly.

Consider your surroundings

Wedding décor goes hand in hand with the environment in which you will have the wedding at. You can never run away from that fact and that is one of the reasons why once you’ve settled on your wedding style, you will have to really consider the venue where the wedding will be hosted. For instance, the venue might already be having some decorative features like landscaped gardens, ready accent walls, ceiling beams, wedding canopy, lighting fixtures or fountains. All these will greatly reduce your décor budget at this pandemic time when everybody is looking for opportunities to save a coin out of their spending. All you will need to do in such a case is figuring out how your wedding décor will highlight these details.

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Always have the essentials top on your list

To many people, this is stage at which the rubber meets the road! Here, you will have to choosing the specifics as far as your wedding décor is concerned. To get your priorities right when checking your wedding décor checklist, you must start with the most essentials items. These items, basically, include functional items such as wedding chairs, tables, decorative lighting, flatware, escort cards, and table numbers to guide your guests in terms of sitting arrangements. Once that’s done then you can go ahead to what is commonly called ‘decorative basics’ – items that are not really serving technical purpose but adds to the general aesthetics of the wedding such as altar backdrops, reception centerpieces, and tablecloths.

Throw in the secondary details

Now that you’re done with the essential details of your wedding décor, you can think of the smaller details commonly considered as secondary in wedding decorations. Go ahead and add what is commonly called ‘decorative basics’ – items that are not really serving technical purpose but adds to the general aesthetics of the wedding such as altar backdrops, reception centerpieces, and tablecloths. Menu cards are also optional but you can place them on your tables.

Lastly, it is important to create a wedding décor checklist that you will use to make sure that everything is in order and is done as described to avoid any embarrassment on your big day.