Mother Earth is blessed with so many natural resources: mineral resources; vegetation; animals; that keeps us dazzled about how Mich more of those resources we have out there, that is not yet known to man.

One of these amazing creations are the “Hamsters”. The Hamsters fall under the animal classification called ” Rodents”. They are mostly kept in homes as pets and sometimes used in scientific laboratories as specimens for experiments and research work.

They are unique for their smallness, featured with their small ears, legs, short tails, e.t.c., with different body colour in mixtures of more than two colours.

The Hamsters come in different shapes, sizes and are known to be about 24 species around the world. Some of the biggest hamsters, we can find are the “European breed”. Their growth has been measured to be about 34 centimetres in length which is about 13.4inches.

There is also the “Dwarf hamster”, just like its name, they are among the smallest of the hamsters’ species, that grow up to 5-10cm long. The “Syrian hamster” is also another species, and very prominent that grows about 15cm long.


The Hamsters are majorly seen in wild habitats. They live in warm temperature areas, like sand dunes, deserts, e.t.c. They were first discovered in Syria and brought to the United States in the year 1936 from Syria (Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association). They live and breed their young in burrows, where they sleep during the day.

They also tend to store food like grains, seeds, fruits, e.t.c, in the tunnels they dig. Hamsters in the wild, also eat other small animals, insects, worms, e.t.c. Just like a kangaroo, the hamsters also have pouches in their cheeks for stuffing up food, to eat later.

The offsprings of hamsters are called “litters”. Female hamsters can have about 2-3 litters in a year. When the female becomes pregnant, she carries the expected litter for 15 to 20 days, which is their gestation period.

The mother hamster is very protective of her litters, and if she thinks her babies are in trouble, she puts the babies in her pouch for safety.

Do you intend getting a Hamster as a pet? The Hamsters are preferred as pets in most homes because they are easy to take care of. Although they can be aggressive and tend to defend themselves by biting.

Typical of all animals, hamsters have their own distinctive way of surviving in their habitat. In order for them not to get lost, they use their scent glands to leave a trail on objects or things around them to find their way back.

How to Choose A Cute Hamster Name

Here are some cute and good names for male and female hamsters. Do check them out.

Female hamster names

Pearl, Dolly, Tinkerbell, Maggi, Cindrella, Trixie, Chloe, Mazeikeen, Tinkerbell, Spearmint, Precious, Cookie, Sushi, Angel.

Male Hamster Names

Domino, Cowboy, Peanut, Pecan, Walnut, Rex, Pablo, El Chapo, Stuart Little, Hamburger, Sexy Beast, Budwieser, Dorito.

What are you planning to name your hamster? Do let us know in comments.