Being Ego doesn’t change the fact of being a powerful woman that gets attraction by the city coolest guys. Did you guys get what type of Ego around here?

YEEEESSSSSSS, it’s the Ego communicate, Ego middle east & Ego magazine. We usually write about what men need and what men want, so surely men are obsessed by the iconic women behind the social media revolution in Egypt from blogging to marketing and more!

Did you know that Ego Communicate is one of the very first agencies for social media marketing to start in Egypt not only but also owned by the very own Nayrouz Abo-Zid which her employees call her the best friend / buddy not like any other boss .

When it comes to fashion accounts there is the only Nayera Yasser who is also a Writer for daily news and so as many other magazines, you can actually see her personality reflected on her one of a kind #ootd choices, by speaking of fashion they just launched the fashion mania at Mall of Arabia featuring so many local brands and Cairo’s hottest fashionistas as Ines Gohar, Sarah abu El-ella, Laila Youssef & Nada Akram “Till 8thof May”.

Every single account in Ego comm Is important from Metro’s grocery to Baraka optics and Rivulet, for sure they also launch the best events and brand openings in town such as the Tavolino, Daniel Hechter, Ted Baker & many more exciting brands.

Obviously EGO COMM women are our favorite, so girls..Keep going men love ya <3

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