Believe it or not, at last someone acknowledged how Beautiful our nation is as we compete for the 100 best faces in the World. But Egyptians ARE competing for Best Faces in the World!

While Independent Critics, the agency behind the contest is not AN ACTUAL AGENCY! But feel free to look up the YouTube Channel behind that success! The actual competition is just for a YouTube channel. Feel free to prove us wrong but we still love Yasmine Sabri and all the other celebrities.

Follow the link, there is nothing to see there but a YouTube channel!

The list was created by student TC Candler, read his story from the website here. What started as a small collegiate project has grown into a yearly internet phenomenon!

Check out the video for last year with over 3 million views:

TC Candler’s list of the only Egyptian women to participate in the list of the 100 best faces in the world, the young actress Yasmin Sabri. The list contains Royals as Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) but for us Yasmine Sabri is a QUEEN Already!

The list includes some of the hottest hotties as well as Blake Lively, Kate Upton and Keira Knightly!

keira knightley
Keira Knightley
Blake Lively
Blake Lively
Kate Upton
Kate Upton

Jasmine Sabri, a candidate for the Candler TC, was posted on her official website at Instagram, and was delighted to be nominated for a list of many stars in 2017.

The “TC Candler” list, published on its official website at Instagram, includes dozens of American stars, including Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Rianna, Spanish Penelope Cruz and British Alice Ivory.

The list also included a number of Turkish stars, Tuba Buyuksten, Beren Sat, Hazel Kaya and Eugen. The results of the competition are due to be announced soon!

The list also has Sherif Fayed, the Star Influencer living in Dubai. Nominated as pretty face for Men for 2017. Go ahead and vote for an Egyptian Man who made it to success.

If you can think of anyone else that needs to be on the list, type him/her in the comment section below….