Old Kingdom High Priest Wahtye‘s Tomb was Unearthed In Sakkara Necropolis near the Ancient Egyptian Capital Town Of Memphis this week.

Oldest Intact Tomb Discovered in Egypt 5The spectacular find was announced by Egyptian archaeologists this week. Dating to around 2400 B.C., the antechamber to the tomb has been unearthed totally untouched eluding grave robbers for four and a half millennia.

Oldest Intact Tomb Discovered in Egypt 5Life-size statues of Wahtye and his family members and colourful wall paintings and hieroglyphic writing in a high example of the Old Kingdom grand style adorning the sides of the hallway were opened to press reporters in today’s official opening.

Oldest Intact Tomb Discovered in Egypt 5No other tomb dating from that period had so far been found intact, which makes this discovery a first of a kind.

ancient egyptExcavation work is underway to explore the deeper parts of the underground structure and, of course, look for the sarcophagi of the ranking official’s family and his own.