Talking about the incenses your mind will automatically click those mild and pretty fragrances. Of course, who would not love that soothing and mesmerizing smell? Besides, this is no secret that they are also uniting a very rich culture and traditions. And, you would be a little astonished that incense sticks are considered holy and religious all around the world. Incense around world is combining people and prior traditions with the essence of enthralling fragrances.

Incense sticks are prepared with some special plants which naturally possess aromatic attributes mixed with the essential oils to give it the stiff shape. Yeah, and they are available in different shapes like cones and slick stick-like shape. Also, they are availed in different types such as combustible and non- combustible incense. The combustible one is very common that is lit by a small flame and then it is left to spread the fragrance with the mild smoke for a small period. But on the other hand, the non- combustible one is required to have the regular and constant heating source to release the smoke with little smoke. It stays for a longer time than that of combustible but needs have a steady and gradual flaming (it is generally produced by burning the chunks of charcoal).

Many people know this much about incense at least. But hey have you wandered that how the incense sticks were invented? Didn’t you get excited about the fact that how the incense around world came into existence? Well, then you would be really rejoiced to hear the invention story of incense.

So many times ago I mean many times ago, during the times of cave people. It is said that someone must have needed the fire and in haste, he might have put some woodland and debris sticks to light up the fire. But when those sticks caught flames the surroundings were filled with the aromatic smell and that’s how we got the incense stick. It was the earliest form of sticks.

Different traditions of incense around world!!

Fragrance of Incense

This is really hard to imagine that these small pieces of sticks are so rich in culture and are promoting a variety of traditions and religious beliefs all around the world. This soft fragrance has kept bonded the people around the globe. Let’s see how!!?

In Europe-

Do you know the origin of the word “incense”? Well, it is initiated from the Latin word “incendere” which means “to burn”. Now, when the civilization hits the grounds of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Babylonians, pagans burned juniper i.e. berries and woods were used to lit and spread fragrances. It was believed that these sticks will keep the evil spirits away and will protect them. Also, many households started using it to make

sure that they are safe inside in the long winter seasons plus they were lit in the burial ceremonies to provide peace to the people going to heaven.

In this way, middle-east Europe stared to following the traditions of incense sticks. And now it became the culture. And, of course, as the traditions spread via air, north Europe like Italy, Bulgaria, and so on too started using the incense sticks for making their culture richer.

In China-

Spread the Fragrance of Incense World

Yeah, who is not acquainted with the deep and impressive traditional history of china? They have a very serious cultural and traditional way of living. And, the incense sticks were the part of their tradition from the late 2000 BCE. Yes! From that long period!

Actually, this was the time where the rituals and worshipping was n the peak point under the empire of the great Song dynasty remarked from the 10th and 13th centuries. And, during this time all the buildings were constructed concerning the rituals of incense sticks solely. Yeah, isn’t it exciting!! Also, China is the place where the incense sticks got its formation of a stick. The Chinese people transformed the chunky form of incense into the solid and stiff sticks. It was because they were not easily handy and hence they found the way out by adding a slick wood into a roll of incense paste. In this way, we got our today’s incense sticks.

Well traditionally, china has been using the incense sticks for worshipping their ancestors. Plus they use it in making traditional medicines. Yes for medicines, they light up camphor incense for the problems related to eye, stomach, and heart. Plus always China has astonished the world with its crazy inventions and innovations. In those times too, the art of creating incense sticks took a new turn. And they invented the “incense clock”. And, you would not believe how amazing it was designed. Basically, it was the clock that was made-up with the sticks which burn so consistently that it makes the set of the clock in looking.

The history of incenses was so awesome in China. Moreover, the most common fragrances used in the late, as well as modern China, is sandalwood, cloves, Agarwood, anise, and camphor.

In India-

Spread the Fragrance of Incense World
India, a land of culture and heritage! It has a very great history with royal heritage and traditions. And, here the incense sticks were the greatest part of tradition from ancient times. It could be traced from the source of Vedas or more particularly saying Atharva-Veda and the Rigveda. So incense sticks are still used as a housewarming gift that gives pure bliss.

This is like the notebook for jotting down all the traditional and religious beliefs in one place. And in this, we can easily find the traces of art and the importance of incense sticks in the Indian religion. From late 700 BCE to today the same rituals are being continued with those same beliefs and trust in god.

Besides, it has been significantly used in the fields of medicines in India because incenses were also traced down in the Ayurveda (the oldest for medical science in India).

Besides, in the ancient times as well as modern times Indian light the incense sticks for worshipping their lord. These sticks have received the greatest importance of all time in India. And today, India is the major producer of incense sticks in the world which is estimated to be 30% of the total international market.

Final thoughts-

Well, incense around world is widespread in the modern times of the globe which is, of course, carrying an astonishing and fascinating history with them.