Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, with the same properties as mined diamonds. They are created in labs (hence lab-grown) and come in various colors and sizes.

These are more expensive than simulant diamond because they are real, but offer similar affordability than some mined diamonds. Man-made diamonds are a great alternative for those looking for a premium look without the high price tag.

Man-made diamonds have advantages such as no conflict, are 100% earth friendly, and come in various colors that are very hard to find in natural mined diamonds. These diamonds have a similar look and brilliance to real diamonds but are way more affordable.

Why lab-grown diamonds are better

Below are the advantages of lab-grown diamonds over natural diamond:

1. Less expensive

The price of man-made diamonds are much cheaper than natural mined diamonds. This means that people can own a real diamond without a high budget.

2. Low maintenance

Most natural mined diamonds require complicated care, at least for some time, before you can wear it. As long as you clean your Rare Carat Engagement Rings regularly, it will stay looking shiny and new. Man-made diamonds don’t need these extra steps and are easier to maintain.

3. Durable

Minerals created in laboratories have the same characteristics as natural mined diamonds and are resistant to cracking, chipping and shattering because they are more difficult to break than many other gemstones.

4. Perfect color

Man-made diamonds are manufactured in colors like pink, blue, yellow, and white. They are manufactured to be as close to the real thing as possible, but they never have the same depth of color that natural mined diamonds have. They usually have a slight brownish tint to them, but often it would be more noticeable than the diameter of a diamond.

5. 100% Earth friendly

Man-made diamonds are made from a 100% eco-friendly recycled carbon. These diamonds are lab grown in a lab, removing the need to mine for real diamonds. They are pollution-free, giving man-made diamonds a huge advantage over natural mined diamonds, giving them a more earth-friendly look.

5. Long lasting

It is made from pure carbon without any impurities, so they will last for as long as possible without fading or losing color unlike other gemstones that will change color overtime. These gems are just as hard as natural mined diamonds and require special cutting and polishing tools. This makes their longevity longer than other gemstones making them very important in the jewelry business.

6. 100% conflict free

Lab grown diamonds  are 100% conflict free, unlike natural mined diamonds. Mined diamonds often have to go through human rights abuses; when they reach the market, they are overpriced. Man-made diamonds offer a way for consumers to own real diamonds without ethical issues.

7. Eco-friendly

These gems create less impact on the environment due to their recycling of carbon instead of using up precious resources to manufacture them from scratch. These gems are created from recycled carbon and therefore don’t need additional material or energy during the manufacturing process, making them sustainable and eco-friendly to own Rare Carat Engagement Rings.

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How much does 2 carat loose diamond cost?

The cost of 2 carat loose diamond depends on the quality of diamond. The cost of 2 carat loose diamond can cost around $2,000 or more depending upon the quality of diamond and brand. To get the lowest price, it is best to make a research. Another thing to remember is that if you buy diamonds at wholesale prices, your profit margin will be very low. So, it becomes important to know how much diamonds are worth and how much profit you want to make with your business venture.


The final result is that a man-made diamond is considered more ethical than a mined diamond. It’s been proven that the carbon in the lab grown diamonds are from recycled carbon and therefore doesn’t require mining of natural resources to produce them. This makes it much more eco-friendly than natural mined diamonds and has less of an effect on the environment.