Planning a carnival-themed party for your company can be a fun and memorable way to boost morale and bring employees together outside of the office. With some thoughtful preparation, you can throw an epic carnival bash that everyone will enjoy. Follow these five steps to pull off an unforgettable corporate carnival celebration.

1. Choose a Venue and Set a Date

The first step is deciding where and when you want to host your carnival party. Consider reserving space at a local park, on your company grounds, or at a banquet hall. Make sure there is plenty of room for carnival games, food stations, and activities.

Pick a date that works well for your team and gives you enough time to plan. Late spring and summer tend to be ideal times for a carnival theme but there’s no reason you can’t plan a winter event too so long as you think about the practicalities.

2. Plan Your Carnival Games and Activities

Brainstorm fun carnival games and activities to keep your guests engaged. Classic options include ring toss, balloon darts, face painting, and pie eating contests. You can also organize collaborative games like three-legged races, egg relays, and tug of war.

Have a mix of competitive and non-competitive activities so there is something for everyone. Offer prizes for game winners to add to the carnival spirit.


3. Provide Tasty Carnival Treats and Drinks

No carnival is complete without delicious food! Offer festive treats like corn dogs, nachos, pretzels, funnel cake, and cotton candy. Also provide classic carnival beverages like lemonade and iced tea. Have a popcorn machine on hand for snacking. And don’t forget snacks like peanuts, candy apples, and caramel corn. Purchase or rent a snow cone machine and let guests create their own icy, colorful treats.

4. Hire a Reputable Company for Your Rentals

Renting necessary supplies and equipment from a professional company can make planning much easier. Find a reputable carnival tent rental provider to supply large tents, tables, chairs, games, concession equipment, and more.

Work with them to determine how much space and which items you need. Quality rentals will enhance the carnival environment and give your guests room to spread out and play.

5. Create a Festive, Colorful Decor

Vibrant, whimsical decorations will completely transform the party space. Use streamers, balloons, flags, cutouts, and signs to give off quintessential carnival flair. Drape tents with decorative pennant banners.

Use tablecloths or plastic coverings with a classic red and white stripe or polka dot pattern. Have fun signs to label food stations and games. The more decorative touches the better for an authentic carnival atmosphere!

Planning an unforgettable carnival bash for your coworkers is totally doable with some strategic preparation. Follow these five key steps – choose a venue, plan activities, provide food and drinks, rent necessary equipment, and decorate festively. With an enthusiastic team and lively carnival set up, you’re sure to throw a corporate party that feels just like a day at the fair!