This past year and a half has been a struggle for everyone and especially anyone involved within the wedding and events industries. If you have been planning your dream day but have been forced to postpone it then we have put together five of the top things that you need to consider when you are rearranging it. There are lots of things that you need to think about when you looking at rearranging your big day and it can feel overwhelming, but try not to let it make you feel stressed, and remember that a lot of couples have to go through this at the moment. It won’t make it any easier, but it might be worth remembering that there are lots of people that have been affected by the pandemic, so try to keep calm and just plan things when you feel in the right headspace to do so.

Think about the time of the year you want to get married

The first thing to think about if you have to re-arrange your day is to think about when you are going to reschedule your big day for. You might want to keep an eye on the current restrictions that are in place depending on where you are looking to have your wedding. If you are planning a wedding abroad then you might consider holding off for a lot longer than if you are planning a UK wedding. Many of the restrictions for weddings will be lifted next Monday which is great news for many couples as they can now start planning the wedding of their dreams again.


Check your insurance policies

If you have wedding insurance, then you check your policies and see what it covers or don’t cover you for. There have been a lot of issues with insurance companies recently with many not covering couples due to cancellations or postponements because of Covid. It’s important to be fully aware of what yours covers before you reach out to suppliers and request refunds etc. If insurance isn’t something that you got for your original date, then you may want to look at getting it if you are postponing your day.

Check availability of your suppliers before confirming your date

When you are looking at a new date to rearrange, it is important that you consider the availability of your suppliers before you confirm the wedding date. Obviously this may be limited depending on what dates your venue has available, but if you can, try to get a few possible dates and then liaise with your suppliers before confirming. Many suppliers have had a really difficult past year or so and have lost a lot of work, but they will usually always be willing to be flexible and accommodate a new date if they can.

Think about the time of the year

If you have to postpone your date you may have to consider looking at having it during a different time of the year than you originally planned for. If you do have your heart set on a summer wedding for example, you may have to be prepared to postpone for another year, as many 2021 dates will be booked up, considering that all 2020 weddings have moved to this year. Alternatively you might want to look at a midweek day rather than a weekend as there will be more availability, especially if you have a particular venue in mind.

Consider an alternative venue

Many venues will be busy and booked up just like your suppliers, with many couples being forced to postpone, venues will be feeling pressured to accommodate all of the new bookings. If you have your heart set on a particular date but the venue that you originally booked isn’t available, then you might want to consider looking at an alternative venue. There are lots of beautiful venues within the UK, so maybe use this as an opportunity to explore somewhere different or look at something that you wouldn’t have considered before.