Mistake #1: Not Understanding The Power Of Scent

80% of men report that they don’t use fragrances on a regular basis. This is an astounding statistic in that it speaks to the notion that many men don’t fully understand the importance of scent.

Don’t get me wrong, men understand being clean, but smelling great goes far beyond the scent from soap. There are two powerful effects of cologne for men:

How Fragrance Affects YouInternational Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) has published a study in Chemical Sciences that gives empirical data validating what we all have experienced – that smells affects our moods. The study also determined that we choose fragrances based upon our existing mood. Fragrance can help you with the following:

  • Stress – A calming effect is a by-product that helps you relax and get comfortable
    Confidence – self-assurance goes through the roof when you are wearing a quality fragrance. It exacerbates your aura
  • Physiological ailments – cologne does not necessarily have this effect but it’s worth noting to drive home the importance of fragrance. The same study from IFF published results to this effect as well.
  • Memory – Research has shown the there is a causal link between our sense of smell and memory recall. Wearing a fragrance can take you back to a great time in your life which in turn has an effect on your mood.

How Fragrance Affects Others – this effect is two-fold. It can affect others negatively or positively. Most of the time, a good scent will have a positive effect on others. It’s pretty obvious the effect that a foul odor will have. However, when you smell nice you are:

  • Known for having a signature scent – Smelling nice can become a part of your identity; it’s a compliment to your outfit
  • Inviting – This can make interactions with you enjoyable regardless of the environment. People are more open to what you ‘re saying because the fragrance creates an enjoyable atmosphere for engaging
  • Memorable – Many women report that men are more attractive when they wear a great scent.

Mistake #2 – Not Choosing Your Own Fragrance

The alpha male has the ability to choose their own scent that is going to seamlessly enhance their natural body chemistry. Many men rely on their wives for input. Receiving gifts are great, but it’s important that you know the kinds of fragrances that you like so that you can get the scent that you desire.

Colognes that you’re not fond of will just sit on the counter or you’ll pull them out when asked.

cologne man

One option is to go old school and get samples from a retailer. This can be tedious and the samples are small, but it is a good way to learn about the fragrances.

Sampling is key because you need to know if the fragrance works for you. Sampling will help you not waste money by purchasing a full bottle of cologne that you don’t like. It will also give you the knowledge to inform the missus about the kinds of fragrances you like.

When wearing a fragrance it’s important to wear one that inspires you. It will enhance your confidence.

Mistake #3 – Applying The Fragrance Incorrectly

It’s important not to waste fragrances by applying it incorrectly. A quality cologne can be pricey so each spray is like throwing away money. Don’t waste it. Many guys don’t know that they are applying the cologne improperly. Here are a few common incorrect application methods:

  • Spray in the air and walk into it
  • Over saturate yourself
  • Spray on the inside of wrists and rub them together

The proper way to apply your favorite scent is to put it directly onto your body. It’s best to put it on directly out of the shower. Fragrance is intensified by body heat. When you leave the shower, your body heat is emanating and will release the smell of your cologne. The recommended places to spray fragrance or apply oils are:

  • Bare chest
  • Wrists (without rubbing together)
  • Behind the ears/neck

The above areas are known as pulse points. The blood flow at pulse points is very strong. Heat is brought to these points which make them excellent spots for fragrance applications.

Mistake #4 – Announcing Not Discovering Cologne

As we discussed previously, too much fragrance is a bad thing. There are two considerations you must make so that you can know how much is too much: the number of sprays you apply and the potency of it.

Number of applications

Start with one application. Know that you can always apply more. You don’t’ want to overpower the room that you’re in. Too much fragrance can trigger people’s allergies.

The key is to let your fragrance be discovered not announced. What I mean is that when someone gets close to you they discover that you are wearing an escentric scent. When they are not close to you, your fragrance isn’t going before you (or staying behind you) and announcing your presence. It should be subtle.

cologne man

If it is a really weak one, you can re-apply in about 4 hours. Spray in a different section of the body when reapplying. In total, you will have applied your fragrance 3 to 4 times in one day but not 4 times in one application. The latter will announce you instead of you (and your scent) being discovered.

Strength of the fragrance

There are varying potency levels.

  • Parfume (Parfum) – the most powerful fragrance. The concentration level is about 20%. Minimal applications are necessary for a long lasting scent
  • Toilette – Middle range of potency (approximately 15% concentration level) and require a 2-3 applications a day for the long lasting yet subtle fragrance.
  • Cologne – The weakest strength level (below 5% concentration level). Require 3-5 sprays per day to have a continuous fragrance.Fragrance-Concentration-Guide-2

When purchasing, pay attention to see which of the above products they are. This will be an indicator as to how much you should apply in one setting as well as how many applications are necessary.

Perfume Pyramid 3Mistake #5 – Not Properly Storing The Fragrance

Newsflash: No fragrance is going to last forever. A fragrance will last for a few years if it is stored properly. Without proper storage the scent will break down. Colognes can degrade quickly if they are:

  • Overexposed to sunlight – keep fragrances away from the window in the bathroom and off of the seat in the car.
  • Exposed to a wide range of temperatures in a short amount of time – If you live in a climate that has extreme cold and hot weather, you want to make sure that your fragrance is stored in a climate controlled area. Don’t leave it in the car or the shed out back.

It’s best if you store your fragrance in a dark and room temperature environment to preserve the integrity and potency of the scent. You only want to expose it to light when you pull it out to apply it. Getting the best value out of an essential menswear product is the goal.

In summation, smelling good should be a tenet of your personal style. Take the time to do your research and sample colognes so that you know what you like. Don’t go overboard with the applications. Instead spray enough to be discovered and not announced.