From necklaces to bracelets, wearing jewelry is more than just for the sake of being fashionable. For some people, it is also about making a statement. That said, this article will talk about some of the most important jewelry pieces if you want to accessorize with something meaningful and stylish.


1. Name Jewelry

Whether it is a monogram ring or an initial necklace, it is hard to go wrong with name jewelry if you want a more symbolic style. Aside from your name, you can also engrave names of your significant other or children. This is also an excellent way to be sentimental in your fashion statement.

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2. Birthstone Jewelry

Make your jewelry reflective of who you are by incorporating your birthstone. The origin of birthstones can be traced to the breastplate of Aaron. It has 12 gems, which represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Each birth month has a corresponding stone. For instance, if you were born in January, then your birthstone is garnet. Incorporate it in your ring or bracelet, among other jewelry pieces that you want to be more significant than just being stylish.

3. Cultural Jewelry

Create a stand-out look by wearing cultural jewelry! If you have a fascination with global tribes and culture, you can show it off in your accessories. Nonetheless, be careful so that you won’t be a victim of cultural appropriation. If your jewelry takes its inspiration from other cultures, take the time to do your research and know what it means.

4. Advocacy Jewelry

It is common nowadays to find jewelry that supports advocacy causes. Often, they are sold at a profit, with the proceeds going directly to the organization being supported. Also, this is an opportunity to voice out one’s advocacy through fashion. A good example of this is wearing jewelry made by indigenous tribes to support their livelihood. Also, you can wear jewelry with symbols and messages that support certain causes, such as climate change and HIV awareness.

5. Religious Jewelry

From patron saint medals to crucifixes, there are countless options for religious jewelry. This is a good idea if you are a strong believer in a certain religion. It is a great way to reaffirm your faith. Nonetheless, observe caution. Like in cultural appropriation, be mindful of what you are wearing. The least that you would want is to appear sacrilegious when your only goal is to show off your religiousness in your style. Be mindful of when and where you are wearing the jewelry.

From your name to religion, there are many ways to make your jewelry more meaningful. Do not just take it as an opportunity to show off your style. Instead, let your accessories speak for who you are to make it more symbolic!