Like it or not, winter is here. And although you may be longing for beach sunsets and pool parties, it’s time to stay warm for now. And although chilly weather isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, there’s one thing most people can agree on that’s great about winter— the fashion!

From bundling up in layers to wearing cute fuzzy boots, winter fashion is fun to play with. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of winter fashion is the accessories. Accessories allow you to showcase your flair with an accent to whatever you’re wearing. If you’re ready to stand out this winter, here are some winter accessories you need right away.


Brooches may seem old school to many people, however, you’ll be surprised to know that they’re coming back in a big way. Adding a brooch to your coat will give you an original touch that’s sure to impress. Whether you choose something classic and gold or glittery and red, consider pinning a brooch to the collar of your coat this winter and watch how many compliments you get.


A big chunky scarf is a winter must-have. Consider opting for a bright color that stands out like neon green or hot pink. Otherwise, if this seems too daring for you, go for something deep like burgundy or plum. In addition to chunky scarves, you should also consider an infinity scarf.

An infinity scarf is a hot trend and yet also incredibly practical. Instead of having to hassle with tying your scarf or moving it out of your face, it’s as simple as putting it over your neck and you’re warm and fashionable all at once.



There’s nothing quite like a beanie that says winter. Not only do they look cute on both women and men, but they’re also incredibly handy when you don’t feel like doing much with your hair. You simply place it on your head, and you look like a character straight out of a winter wonderland.

Phone-Friendly Gloves

No one loves to have frozen fingers in the winter, however, as we depend more and more on our cell phones, gloves can be, well— tricky. That’s why you need to opt for phone-friendly gloves this year. A pair of touchscreen-compatible gloves will keep your hands nice and toasty while also allowing you to text on the go.

The great part about phone-friendly gloves is now they make them in all different types of materials. Whether you want leather or wool, phone-friendly gloves are the ultimate functional winter accessory.

Faux Fur Anything

Faux fur is back and in a big way. Faux fur accessories add a luxurious touch to your look while also adding practicality. Both faux fur can be found on anything from gloves to boots. Adding a little fuzzy flair to your outfit never hurt anybody, so give it a try this year!