8 Common Traits of a “Chic” Man

Chic Style

Although there are different tastes, the big difference between the models in different cultures, is that the habits that elegant men follow are the same all over the world. Regardless of the nature of the clothing worn, whether formal or casual. The following habits are of Neat Chic Men everywhere:

At times, one does all the things that he must do in order to appear stylish, but he forgets to take care of his hair. An elegant man finds a barber whom he trusts, and also schedule specify in advance the dates in order to style his hair.


The guy treats his clothes respectfully, puts them in the closet, preferably using wooden holders and spaces between clothes so as not to press them. He also neatly folds them while traveling so his cloths look like a new phenomenon .

He predominantly invests his money in buying stylish clothes with high-quality material , even if expensive, as it lasts for longer periods and maintains an excellent condition.

In case he encounters clothes that suit him, he will buy more pieces, at least two , as he will not find every time such an opportunity .


He  has a skilled tailor and dry cleaner as they are namely the secret of success of every stylish man. The tailor works the garment that amazingly suits him, and the expert dry cleaner that can remove any stains whatever intractable in a way that does not damage clothing.

When buying clothes,  he goes shopping repeatedly before actually buying the clothes. He shops online or visits clothing stores at the mall , and to review all the options , and then takes the time to choose the appropriate clothing.


The chic man does not follow all the new fashion blindly, in order to avoid being a victim of fashion traps. When he introduces  a new style of clothing, it must take into account the attributes and the nature of his body, and also take into account the nature of his work .


He also uses a fragrance that suits him and excels his looks. As every person has a natural aroma and distinctive looking for him so he picks up the fragrance that blends with his natural smell.

What other traits can you think of? Feel free to add your comments.