The Swedish brand of joys AWNL is proud of geometry and entails the pyramid – three-sided, three vertical polygon – in a meteorite to ensure the wearer has a particular attractiveness. AWNL effectively cut meteorite bits into solid geometry by contesting the challenge of traditional craft with the fully conserved and exhibited Widmanstätten pattern of Muonionalusta.

Utilization of Solid Geometric Art in Meteorite Shape Design by AWNL

Meteorite jewelry’s as an emerging trend is stirring up insanity for “a real shooting star” in the market of the specialty. The people, however, still have a perception of the design of meteorite jewelry—flats and one-sided pieces. Nevertheless AWNLJEWELS, a Swedish jewelry business, wants, by introducing their newest collection – The Intertellar Meteorite Collection, to share with the world its original combination of modern jewelry and sound geometric art. AWNL offers clients with gemstones in the form of pyramids, in contrast to the conventional pendant of flat meteorite and round meteorite rings on the marché.

This is not a coincidence. Given the supernatural pyramid power that is claimed to promote personal health and functioning as an incubator in thinking form, AWNL has decided to use this form to provide good wear power. As it is supposed to be the pyramid of supernatural power, it can even cause sexual urge.


AWNL effectively brings the distinctive shape to life by solving the technological problems of meteor cutting and preservation. The talisman effect of pyramids and the sense of Geometric Beauty becomes factual with the application of “Meteo-Protecta-Tech” and advanced cutting expertise.

The geometrical style is a class of modern jewelry; irregular changes with infinite possibilities and geometric inventiveness formed from points, lines, triangles and circles are included in its beauty. These simply translate the minimalist art concept from AWNL and give a dose of modern Nordic furniture to the characteristics of the beauty of the wearer.

Utilization of Geometric Art from Nature by AWNL

AWNL feels passionately that a harmonious aesthetic of nature is geometrical art. Typical examples are rocks, crystals and the structure of Widmanstätten (geometrical meteoritic pattern). All this leads to the utilisation of AWNL meteorite by Muonionalusta.

In 1906, meteorite hunters found the first fragment in the town of Kitkiöjärvi. It was left untouched in the north lights over four ice ages. This abstract artwork was made in time and space. The gradual cooling of highly hot iron-nickel alloys frequently generates this unusual geometric design. AWNL found out its attraction and was resolved to recreate the falling stars with daily accessories.

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Other Meteorite Jewelry Collections from AWNLJEWELS

In addition to the intergalactic collection, AWNL also offers a top collection of men’s bracelets and traditional meteorite collars. AWNL always gives the genuine star to all, be it a shooting star or a guide star. The determination to make goods for people’s hearts by mingling meteorites, modern gem design and art has been crystal obvious about AWNLJEWELS since its inception.

AWNLJEWELS is always committed to bringing the best forms of gems in current times with AWNLJEWELS, giving its wearers a sense of belonging and calm as no other gems.

acceThe brand AWNL interpretation of the mix of natural materials, fine artisanal skill and Nordic mystical meditation aims to disclose protective and healing powers to the wearer.


The Lindberg family (Stockholm sophisticated gemstone) thirty-five years ago plunged deep into Sweden, the north wilderness, and uncovered a strange jewelry material known as the Muonionalusta meteorite.

Since then, the aim of this miraculous meteorite has been to turn it into conventional jewelry articles. The second generation of the family purchased the company at the beginning of this century with the suggestion that the concept was modern and cutting-edge. 2011 saw the foundation of the energy jewelry company AWNL. This was invented and influenced by Emanuel Swedenborg by the Swedish philosophers and mystics.