If you a choosing a ring for yourself or loved one you will, of course, need to know their ring size. If you shop in a store, they will be able to measure your finger size accurately and will have all the necessary tools to guarantee the perfect fit. However, if you are buying a present for someone, haven’t got time to visit a store, or just prefer to do your jewelry shopping online, then you will need to explore other options.

How to find your ring size at home, is perhaps one of the most common online searches relating to jewelry. Naturally, a search in Google will present you with several different options, some far more practical than others. In this brief article, we will make suggestions about the best way to accurately measure finger size so you can be confident that you buy a ring that fits.

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1. Use a ring-sizer

Most professional online retailers will be happy to send you a free ring sizer that will give you an accurate finger measurement. In most cases, this would need to be used in conjunction with a size chart and is an exact way of obtaining measurements. However, you need to be aware that it may take several days for your plastic ring sizer to be delivered. If you can’t wait that long, you could always download a printable version. Although they are slightly less accurate, they are, nevertheless a good option when used with a size chart.

We would recommend taking your ring measurement size times as sizes can vary according to heat and time of day.

2. Use a piece of string/paper

Using string or failing that, a strip of paper which is about six inches long is a relatively accurate way of measuring the size of your finger. Wrap the string or paper around your finger so it is tight but comfortable. Using a pen, mark the circumference of your finger on the paper or string and measure the distance with a ruler. Then, using a sizing chart mentioned above, you will be able to establish your ring size. Once again, we strongly suggest that you measure the size on at least three occasions to ensure accuracy.

3. Use the same size as a ring that fits!

Perhaps the easiest way to get your ring size and be confident that it fits is to use a ring that feels comfortable. However, while on paper, this may seem straightforward, it can throw up some complications. Firstly, you need to know the size of the ring, and secondly, if you are buying the ring as a surprise for someone else, you need to be sure that they wear it on the same finger. Of course, you could take the ring into a jeweller, but it does defeat the object of establishing your ring size at home.

4. Ask a professional

If you are fortunate enough to know someone that works in the jewelry industry, you could ask them to assist you. It will reduce the chance of error, but the chances of this happening are perhaps quite slim. As mentioned, you could always visit a jewelry store and get them to measure your finger and then to use the size to buy something online.

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Things to take into consideration when measuring your ring size

While it may seem a relatively simple task to measure your finger, in reality, to a novice, there are several things that you need to factor in. We have mentioned that the temperature can play a part and that you should take several measurements but here are just a few other things to think about:

• Size of your knuckle – you will measure where the ring will sit on the finger, but some people have large knuckles. Remember, in order for the ring to be put on and taken off, it needs to pass over the knuckle. Light force should be required, but nothing more. Anything less and the ring could be lost.
• Ring type – wider bands, generally regarded as being over 6mm, will need to larger for most people. A guide is to choose one size larger than what you would consider being your “normal” size.
• International sizes – to complicate matters further, many different countries and regions have different measurements. Conversion charts are easily downloadable from the internet, but you will need to know the origins of the ring. We would advise that you ask if the ring measurements are US, European or Asian.