What do performers Beyonce and Lady Gaga have in common?

Both of these gorgeous vixens wear wigs. Walking down the red carpet, Lady Gaga is famous for always sporting luscious blonde locks. However, in reality, her natural hair is short and brunette.

Beyonce wears different wigs and weaves, that transforms her into the musical goddess we know and love. Finally, she showed fans that underneath it all, her real hair is short and simple.

Wearing a wig doesn’t mean you have to give up being fabulous. Instead, learning how to wear a wig, can expand your stying horizons, giving you more fashion options to work with than ever before.

Are you ready to own your look with a wig that fits you perfectly? Read on to find out how to pick the perfect wig and wear it like a pro.

How to Wear a Wig

Understanding how to wear a wig starts by choosing the right wig for you. If you’ve never worn a wig before, you might enjoy trying ga subtle transition from your natural style and color. When you choose a wig that closely resembles your natural hair color and cut, it can help you feel more comfortable with the new look of the wig.

Once you feel fully comfortable wearing a wig that looks like your natural hair, you’ll be ready to branch out and make more bold style and color choices. After you find the right wigfor you, ask a stylist to cut it.

When the stylist cuts the wig, they’ll be shaping it in a way to compliment your facial features. The idea is for the wig to complete your look, making you feel like “you”, inside and out.

Putting on a Wig

After you find the right wig and have someone style it, you’ll be ready to put it on. Here are the steps for putting on hair wigs, the right way:

1. Pull hair away from your face
2. Pinup long hair
3. Put a wig cap on your head
4. Secure wig cap
5. Put on wig

If you don’t have any hair, or barely any hair, you can skip the first 2 steps. Once you have your wig cap on your head, take your time getting it securely in place.

We find that snap clips work great at comfortably, and firmly, holding things in place. Depending on your head size, you’ll need 4-6 clips in the front and 4-6 clips in the back of the wig cap.

Lace Front Wigs Stay All Day

For those who enjoy having their hair away from their face, consider choosing a lace front wig. Hand tied, delicately crafted, lace front wigs, allow the wearer to part their hair however they like. The superfine craftsmanship of the front section provides undetectable hairlines throughout the entire wig.

Lace front wig styles are also a great choice if you’re experiencing complete hair loss. It’s common for lace front styles to come fitted with a non-slip poly strip.

The non-slip strip fits discreetly into the front of the wig and is completely invisible once the wigs in place. Instead of worrying your wig will fall off, the fitted front cap gives you the confidence of knowing you have staying power all day long.

Natural Styles for Hand Tied Wigs

Do you enjoy changing up your hairstyle frequently? If so, look into getting a hand-tied wig, that offers versatility.

To make a hand-tied wig, each hair is individually tied into place. The cap for hand-tied wigs is a soft mesh. The softness of the cap makes the hand-tied wig incredibly comfortable to wear.

Another benefit of the soft meshy material is that the cap can better form to fit your head completely. You won’t have to worry about any wefts or mechanical stitching used at all, so even close up, it’ll look like real hair. Since hand-tied wigs are so realistic, you can play around, and style your new hair, just like you would your natural locks.

When to Choose Human Hair

If you want to style your hair in different ways, and still have a realistic look, go for human hair. The entire piece will have a more natural look and feel, no matter what color or style you choose.

Wigs with human hair are easier to cut, dye, and style. Another benefit is that as you move your head about throughout the day, your hair will have a natural movement and shine to it.

Even though you’ll be paying more money upfront, it’s still a wise financial investment to go with real hair. The real human hair wig will last longer than synthetic ones and wind up paying for themselves over time. Make sure you properly care for your human hair wig, by washing it regularly.

When Synthetic Wigs Work Best

If you want a wig that doesn’t require a lot of styling, synthetic could be your best choice. A synthetic wig will retain curls, volumes, and waves, much longer than a human hair wig will do.

Normally, you can put on a synthetic wig in any type of weather, without having to worry about ruining your hairstyle. Snow, rain, humidity, and more, don’t stand a chance against the power of synthetic hair.

If you’re willing to pay a little extra, you can get synthetic hair that has human hair qualities. While the movement and shine won’t be the same, many synthetic options come intriguingly close.

Keep in mind that the style you choose for your synthetic wig will be one you’ll wear for a while. Synthetic hair is sensitive to the heat from styling tools, and you can’t subject it to new styles on a daily or weekly basis.

Instead, it’s best to buy a heat-resistant synthetic wig and only change the style every so often. It also helps if you invest in gentle stylings tools. Straighteners and curling irons that don’t produce the maximum levels of heat work best with synthetic strands.

Love Your Look

Learning how to wear a wig, is a lot like finding the perfect outfit. It’s completely natural to need to try out several different styles, materials, and types, before finding the perfect wig for you. We hope that our article will inspire you to find a wig, that helps you love the way you look.


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