Today, everyone can wear cropped! The difference is that some people like to be even more daring and others just show off a little skin.

The sexy crop tops for women have arrived to compose versatile looks. Whether at a party, daily, or work together with a more formal shirt, you are the one who determines how you will wear your crop top.

The rule not to make a mistake when using it is: to feel comfortable and at ease with it and enjoy it. The cropped is for anyone who wants to use it!

Choose the look, use it in the makeup and be sure that it will be a success and be much more comfortable when you go out there. Both in summer and winter, you can easily wear this outfit.

History of the cropped trend


Cropped appeared in the fashion industry in the 30s and 40s. In the 1940s, it was worn with a high-waisted midi skirt to enhance the silhouette.

Afterward, it was used with hot two piece pant sets, also with a higher waist. It was also the heyday of the hippie era and, in the 1980s, with a healthy lifestyle and exercise, it gained strength and space between women and men.

The first cropped models were hand-cut and were worn by many celebrities and fashion icons. People cut their blouses and developed them their way. The ’90s were immortalized by the cropped.

Cropped in the ’80s:

Since then, everything that was fashionable has returned. Nowadays, we bet on the cropped trend and it is part of great compositions in the casual, fitness, and contemporary fashion world. There is no rule to using it, everyone can. Just choose the model that best suits your body and favors your silhouette. Currently, there is a variety of crops with models, colors, and prints in different sizes and cuts.

How to start wearing cropped and get into this trend?

Opt for combinations with high-waisted pieces. High-waisted pieces bring more support and support. It guarantees more balance and well-being to go out there without discomfort. The backless crop top pairs very well with jeans, skirts, shorts, and even leggings. This type of look with a crop top and high-waisted pieces is elegant, and current and helps to elongate your silhouette.

Cropped Plus Size:

If you still don’t feel comfortable wearing a piece of your belly, choose a longer and more well-behaved crop top in a more neutral and basic color. Gradually you get used to it and lose the fear of rocking out there. Here at Solado, you will find models that will help you start venturing into the world of the cropped trend.

Use and abuse of overlays:

To compose your looks, use the third piece so that your cropped look is complete and stylish. The cropped suits with a blazer, sweatshirt, cardigan, vest, kimono, jacket, coat, open shirt, and the like. You have complete freedom to combine the colors well and mix them with what you already have in your wardrobe.

Balance is everything:

Learn to mix the fair with the wide. If the piece on the top is tighter, bet on the looser bottom. Allow lightness, comfort, and sophistication. The look is more stylish and favors you even more. Visit our website and check out our cropped top pieces and rock the look.

Examples of looks with the cropped trend:



Casual style asks for comfort and style to face any occasion. Besides, you need to have that support and sophistication not to do it, right? Dress up with a seemingly ordinary crop top and mix it with what’s already trending.

Work look:

Respect your work environment and adapt to what you can and can’t do at work. But, you can wear cropped and create modern, well-behaved looks, stylish and with the comfort that we love and need. Bet on cropped models that don’t show your belly so much and also on overlays with high-waisted pieces. Cropped is a guarantee of lightness and practicality.

To work out:

The cropped fitness in training ensures great support and a lot of comforts. Combine with training leggings, shorts, a skirt, Bermuda shorts, or shorts. You can also bet on cropped t-shirts to dare in the composition. You can wear them with overalls, rompers, and even over the top.

For ballad:

The cropped / top is the wild piece that everyone loves. And when it comes to ballads, it is very easy to think and choose the look you will use in the production. From the coolest look to the sophisticated and the sexiest. With jeans, long or short skirts, with prints or neutral, it combines and adds more value to the festivities.

Fine looks for the night:

It can be used with skirts, fabric shorts, tailored pieces, or more worked pants. Simple can become elegant, just dare and think about the proposal when dressing. Most used pieces with the cropped trend.

Cropped with skirt:

This combination is perfect for any season! Cropped suits casual or more casual pieces. Bet on the highest skirts, even for the thinnest, the result is much more elegant. Always alternate between tighter crops with wider skirts or vice versa. The game of proportions is super valid and important not to make mistakes. For the neater and more prominent look, bet on the midi skirt with cropped. In addition to lightness, sophistication, and trend, it makes you beautiful in any circumstance.

Cropped with pants:

Bet on a crop top that enhances your body even more and matches the pants you want to wear. It matches with jeans and shorts, with a skirt and even with training leggings. If the cropped is short, prefer high-waisted pants, as we mentioned above. To make the look more tidy and sophisticated, choose flare pants.

Cropped top with romper or jumpsuit:

The t-shirt/blouse style cropped is ideal to change the look of the look. You can bet on the shorter ones and even the wider ones that don’t show the belly so much. They combine with rompers, and overalls, to overlay the look with a top/crop underneath.

Use your imagination and choose yours now!