You are used to seeing the D2 sign in maths but have you ever tried it in a fashionable way ?!

Dsquared brand is one of the most luxurious denim brands all around the globe. It’s kinda a must have for each Fashionista.

Must have Denim

From head to toe you can describe your outfit as Denim on Denim which is a trend that is never over so invest in the right way !


Also Dsquared is known with the animated Tee’s & shirts every season they come out with new ideas as funny monsters in neon colors, white & black !

Animated Tee

There is always a sign to proof your addiction to the brand such as the Dsquared red label over the Denim pants Zip/buttons.

Red Label

Since winter season is almost here, so shop the latest Dsquared leather jackets they are always the best to warm yourself & worth it paying for!


But also they didn’t forget the fur & fringe for men as they use them for winter collections to break the rules of simplicity.

Winter collection

If you are a true fashionista comment bellow telling us when didn’t Dsquared use the red label for the denim pants and which year/season was that (you may add a picture link)?

DSQUARED brand available in Egypt at :
1: BEYMEN Cairo ( ALL items except the shoes line )
2: EGO-Your Fashion Destination ( Full Collection even the shoes line )