Somehow food is kinda related to fashion, which is why we spotted the most interesting places you should visit during this summer not just Ramadan season.

We also decided to add a sample of what to wear for each place.

1: Bab El-Nil “Faimont nile city hotel” :

A place to die for !!!

Bab el nil
Bab El Nil is all about the Blues

The place offers the most delicious oriental food categorized under the Arabian cuisines, after the renovation they did with the planted walls & floor tiles its simply the easiest way to take your #ootd pictures in a similar location.



2: Beetroot :

Have you ever wished to take pictures with antiques ? Eat the most delicious beetroot cheese cake with orange zest ?
Do you still think its weird and not available yet ?

Dark colors for Beetroot

Actually it is available powered by the Lemon Tree where you can spot the top fashion icons there listening to Friday music, enjoying their food & getting more followers on Instagram with some unbelievable shots with the sun light.


3: Fratelli La Bufala :

From Italy with love, they bring you the latest recipes from the pasta, pizza, main courses to the mouth watering appetizers. so you don’t actually need to travel for food anymore.

Fratelli la bufala European casual is all you need


4: Brunch & Lunch :

A quick snack won’t bother specially when it’s a busy day & you still didn’t get your breakfast, simply pass by brunch & lunch as its the only place serving breakfast till 3pm.

Brunch & lunch Brunching & lunching should be as easy as dressing

The place is kinda relaxing, the staff are super friendly which is cool to ask them taking your outfit picture behind the white door & the food won’t be mentioned or described in one word so you should give it a try by yourself. Can you believe they serve a salmon burger ??? This is food goals.


5: Mastaba :

Feel home, stay comfy & eat well.

Mastaba Be as chic as possible with your friends

It’s the most convenient slogan to describe the place as the sofas are comfy to relax, the food brings the home memories of cooking molokheya, fool & more so you can eat well and keep your body healthy.


6: Garbi :

Searching for a different cuisine? Special food where your friends get jealous ?

Garbi Make them jealous also with your way to dress

It’s not that hard as Egypt finally welcomes the Garbi Greek Cuisine where you can find the very famous Greek salad surrounded by a floral patterns & the ancient Greek floor.


Have more places in mind that you wanna add to this list? Leave them in the comment section below….