Polo t-shirts have become the staple wear of modern men. Nowadays, finding a man who doesn’t have a polo shirt is as hard as finding a girl who doesn’t have makeup products! The first polo t-shirt dates back to the 19th century cut to the 21st century, it is still one of the most popular and preferred choices of men across the globe. What can be better than this? One thing. If the t-shirt is made from merino wool. “Merino wool polo”, what’s that?

Before jumping into the type and styles let’s understand the specialty of this merino wool fabric in the form of a brief introduction:
How to Style Merino Wool Polo Shirts in 6 Ways
Merino wool is obtained from the merino sheep that can be found grazing in the fields of Australia and Newzealand. Merino wool has a tendency to withstand the cold form temperatures ranging from -20 degrees C to 35 degrees of food. Moreover, they are odor and wrinkle resistant. It doesn’t have a body posture.

Want to rock in that smart merino wool polo shirt? Here are 7 stylish ways :

  • Loose the buttons
  • Mix and match with a suit
  • Go beyond the pale
  • Match with pleats
  • Pair it up with a cardigan
  • The beach look

1. Loose the Buttons:

Consider yourself a unique personality who likes to keep their button close in a world where keeping the buttons open is one of the most popular yet common ways. Pair an open collar merino wool polo t-shirt with chinos and loafers, carrying it all in a classic way.

2. Mix and Match With a Suit:

A suit and a polo shirt is an aesthetic combination! When worn together they set a classic example. Try this one:

Set 1: with a navy, grey, or black suit, wear a polo shirt instead of a shirt and tie.

Set 2: cream trousers, a taupe blazer, and a khaki green polo shirt try this along with brown loafers.

3. Go Beyond the Pale:

You won’t find anyone who doesn’t like that glow in their looks. In context to the same, pair a grey or white color polo shirt with cream or white chinos. Try to avoid those dark-colored pants. In terms of footwear, you can choose leather trainers.

4. Match with Pleats:

Although it’s a mid-century thing, you’ll be the smartest one in the room with those pleated trousers. Try this, wearing a polo shirt with a pair of pleated trousers will give you that all-time classic men look.

5. Pair it With a Cardigan:

Thinking these polo shirts won’t be of any use in winter? Nope. You’re wrong. Choose a good polo shirt and pair it with a v-neck cardigan and see that smarty look on you! If you want a change, try one of the best combinations ever, a nice blazer, trousers, and a polo shirt.

6. The Beach Look:

During the spring season, minimal clothes are always a preference. The lesser the clothes, the better it is. At the same time a person wants to look great too, how can you look great while wearing a limited number of clothes? By wearing a polo t-shirt with a pair of shorts for that informal yet classy beach vibe!


The best part is that there’s no particular maintenance required for these shirts. Merino wool shirts are wrinkle-free, therefore, feel free from all that burden. Merino wool fabric is lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and durable.

In a world where people are going for the common fabrics available, choose a premium yet unique fabric. We suggest you try something new!