This October, for the first time ever, boohooMAN will be launching a standalone Tall only collection modelled by pro basketball player and rising star Jordan Tucker – who stands at 6 ft 7’’ & has recently declared for the NBA draft.

Heavily made up of leisurewear, the range consists of matching sets, tracksuits and oversized silhouettes for the purpose of lounging around or heading out in a causal fit.


Being vertically endowed certainly has its advantages, but finding fashion to fit when you’re towering over the six-foot mark can be a real sartorial struggle. The tall men’s clothing range is here to take the pain out of shopping for a larger frame. Whether you’re long and lean or big and broad, the line caters for all shapes and sizes, from the slightly taller-than-average gent to lads that are large in every way.

Shop a huge range of stylish clothes for tall and slim guys, as well as long clothes for well-built dudes and 2x tall men’s clothing for the extra long-limbed, very tall man. The tall menswear range provides coverage and comfort in all the right places, with trousers that don’t stop at your ankles and sleeves that reach all the way to your wrists. From jeans to joggers and shorts to shirts, boohooMan have got tall men’s fashion for every occasion.

The colour palette takes on a winter feel, consisting of hues of blue, black, white and grey while design details including camo prints, butterfly designs and their official MAN branding subtly contrast the graphic, frosty basketball court used to bring the campaign to life.

Check out the new collection will be available on and