Let me set the scene for you: It is 2021, the pandemic isn’t done ravaging the world just yet, but we’ve found a way (thanks to science) to work around that part. You go out to check your mail, because we’re getting that again, and you find an invite to an old college friend’s wedding. At first, you’re surprised, but then you quickly remember just how awesome you are and, suddenly, it all makes sense. Your eyes quickly scan down the tissue paper disaster you are holding when you see two words that send shivers down your spine: Formal. Dress.


1. Suit

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Before you try and slide in with the sports jacket and jeans argument, stop – that’s not going to happen. If you don’t already have wedding suits for men and you’re over 30 – shame on you. What kind of pizza and beer slob are you? Nailing down the right casual look is easy, formal looks require more effort. You must own a suit, preferably a three-piece suit but a two-piece with suffice. The color of said suit all depends on the time of the wedding, day weddings mean you can wear a lighter color like grey or blue, and a night wedding calls for darker colors like black or navy. Those are classic and safe suit colors.

2. Wrist Watch


The next must-have item for a formal event is a watch. Your watch completes your outfit and sets the tone for what people can expect from you. Women have long since used wristwatches as an indication of what type of man they’re dealing with. Browse online for a selection of Irish watches and choose the one that works best for your outfit.

3. Tie


Few things will make you look as dapper as a tie does. A formal tie has a unique ability to bring your outfit together and make you look like a movie star. When it comes to choosing a tie, particularly one for a formal event, keep away from the heavily patterned or brightly colored option. Keep things stylish and classic by choosing a tie that compliments your suit choice. Tie pins are optional but recommended.

4. Cufflinks

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Formal shirts are not complete until they have been fitted with classy cufflinks. Please note I said classy ones, no dice or Playboy bunnies allowed. Pick a metal that matches your wristwatch and you’ll be playing it safe. Besides, if you don’t wear cufflinks then how will everyone see your watch? I know, it is a genius tip – you’re welcome.

5. Buy An Iron

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None of the above-mentioned tips will help you in the slightest if your outfit is a creased mess. It should go without saying that your outfit needs to be clean and freshly pressed but I have seen some of you and sadly it does not. The iron and the suit go hand in hand so I am going to go ahead and assume that if you don’t have a suit then you probably don’t have an iron either. Get both, stat.