You have picked an Apple Watch sport band that pairs well with your Apple Watch. What if your Apple Watch refuses to pair with your iPhone? This often happens when there is some issue with Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi. Let’s troubleshoot this.

Check Watch’s Connection

First of all, check Apple Watch’s connection status with the iPhone. Swipe up on the watch display. You will be in the Watch’s control centre. The upper-left corner shows the connection status of the watch. Look for an icon looking like an iPhone. If the icon is green, the watch is connected with the iPhone.

If the icon is red, the watch is not connected with the iPhone. A blue Wi-Fi signal shows that your watch is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Turn off the Wi-Fi and the watch will attempt to pair with the iPhone.

Make sure that the watch and iPhone are in the range of each other. If the watch still does not pair with the iPhone, there is some other problem.

My Apple Watch is Not Pairing with My iPhone

Check Settings

Sometimes, settings prevent pairing. It is not a hardware failure or software glitch. It may be because the setting on the iPhone or watch prevents pairing. Some of these problems include:

Airplane Mode

Apple Watch

Communication is shut down when the watch is on Airplane mode. This also includes pairing with the iPhone. Slide up on the clock face screen to open the control panel of the watch. If the Airplane button is orange, there is Airplane mode on the Apple Watch. Turn off Airplane mode by tapping on the button. The watch should automatically pair with the iPhone.


Go to the control panel. Check the upper-right corner for the button for Airplane mode. If it is highlighted orange, the Airplane mode is on. Turn it off.


Bluetooth is essential to connect the watch to the iPhone. Go to the control panel and turn on the Bluetooth. The watch will pair with the iPhone within a few moments.

Reboot your iPhone

Sometimes, there is a problem with the iPhone itself. Try the oldest troubleshooting method. Reboot the device.

  • Hold down the Sleep/Awake button. This will show the Slide to Power Off. Or, open the Settings app, go to General and then Shut Down.
  • After shutting down the device, wait for several seconds.
  • Once again hold down the Sleep/Wake button. Check your watch connection after the iPhone finishes booting up.

Reboot your Apple Watch

If the watch and iPhone pairing still does not work, reboot your Apple Watch.

  • Find the button below the crown and hold it down.
  • Turn off the watch by sliding the Power Off Button to the right.
  • Wait for a few seconds and switch on the watch by clicking the digital crown.

The watch should connect with the iPhone.

Update Operating System

Not having the latest version of the operating system can also cause this problem. Take the following steps to update the operating system:

Setting -> General -> Software Update

If your device does not have the latest version of the operating system, this will prompt Download and Install. Click and update the operating system.

Unfortunately, you have to pair the watch with the iPhone to check for WatchOS updates.

Network Settings

The information related to connecting networks is stored on the iPhone. The problem with pairing occurs when the data is corrupted. Take the following steps to reset this:

Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Setting

Verify your request by entering your passcode.

Reset Apple Watch

Keep in mind that this step will erase data on the watch if there is no backup. You need to unpair your Apple Watch. Take the following steps:

Apple Watch

Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Setting


Launch the Apple Watch app and choose My Watch. After selecting your watch, click the small “i” button with the circle around it. Choose Unpair Apple Watch and confirm.

If you cannot connect the watch with the iPhone after trying all these, speak to Apple’s customer support representative. If it is connected, great. And, don’t forget to replace your old Apple Watch sport band with a new one.