A new consciously created men’s streetwear line has recently launched and is causing excitement within the fashion industry.

Spiritual Narcissist is a consciously created men’s luxury streetwear brand made in Los Angeles, CA. using responsibly sourced fabrics, an environmentally conscious process, and employing fair labor wages.

Spiritual Narcissist

SN represents quality, responsibility and sustainability in every respect. Each piece is hand cut and sewn in Los Angeles at a family-owned manufacturer.

spiritual narcissist

Spiritual Narcissist came to light because there wasn’t any brand on the market that the founder Mark Sauer and co- founder Austin Floyd could stand behind the looks, the mission, and help people become more consciously aware through the container that is clothing.

The foundersspent a lot of time creating cohesion throughout the brand with the fabric colors.

The attention to detail is unmatched and the directional lines of seams and taping map energy flow.

“Spiritual Narcissist is a representation of The Great Polarity: Love and Fear. We’re about dissolving separation – illusions of Fear, and recognizing that all is Love. SN is a force for Truth, for Love, and all that brings light to our shadows. Oh, and it’s clothing…”

stated Mark Sauer, Founder of Spiritual Narcissist.

The clothes make you feel elevated while the sustainable fabrics like TENCEL and organic cotton keep you grounded.

Tencel fibers are derived from sustainably sourced, renewable raw-material wood and produced via environmentally responsible processes.

It embarks a new standard of sustainability and comfort with long-lasting softness, incredible color retention and breathability.

spiritual narcissist

This balance between ascension and grounding is reflected in the color palette as well.

Customers are raving about SN.

“I love the way the clothes feel. You can tell the difference in quality as soon as you put them on. The fabric feels buttery and unlike anything I’ve worn before. The intricate thought that went into every piece can be seen from the hidden pockets to how each piece layers perfectly. This is exactly what I wished I had (before I had it.)”

– Sam Cohen

You can learn more and purchase at: Spiritualnarcissist.me.