Sports bras have, for a long time, were associated with working out. However these days, they have been made so that you can wear them every day no matter the occasion. Sports bras for plus size women and small women come in different styles and colors to suit the buyer.

When trying to find the perfect fit of a sports bra, make sure that the band should be tight around your boy. It should be tighter than regular bras, but you should be able to breathe properly.


They come in different types for different purposes.

  • Compression bras- They are mainly used to restrict breast moment by compressing them against the chest.
  • Encapsulation bras- These sports bras come with individual cups. Each cup supports and surrounds each breast, and they do not have much compression.
  • Combination encapsulation and compression bras- Just as the name suggests, they combine the individual cups and compression.

Some doctors and experts recommend wearing a sports bra even when not working out. Here are some of the benefits that are related to wearing sports bras.

Must-Have Plus Size Bras and Accessories for 2020

  1. Comfort

Participating in any vigorous physical activity can be uncomfortable and painful because of the breast movement. Whether you are jogging, working out, walking, or relaxing in your sports bra, they guarantee 100% comfort.

Sports bras are designed to maintain total support to your chest but are still breathable. Unlike regular bras, you don’t have to worry about your breast’s uncomfortable movement when you are wearing sports bras. The wider straps on sports bras also help increase their comfortability.

  1. Reduction of Breast Pain

Every time there is breast movement, either when running or working out, the ligaments and muscles also move. That upwards, downwards, and sideways movement of the muscles can cause some sharp pains.

Since sports bras’ structure reduces breast movement, they significantly reduce the occurrence of the pains.

  1. Regulation of Sweat and Temperature

The fabrics that make sports bras have a design that controls your sweating and absorbs sweat from your body. At the same time, they allow air to flow through your skin, making you cooler as you work out or jog.

Some other fabrics used are lightweight but also warm.

  1. Prevention of Long Term Sagging

A recent study showed that breast movements are more than what regular bras can handle. Breast movement, as you exercise, can cause muscles and tissues to tear. Most of the time, it is impossible to undo the damage.

That movement, coupled with inadequate support from regular bras, can cause your breasts to droop and sag. However, by wearing sports bras, you are sure that there will be minimum or no movement; hence, no tearing of muscles.

The support from sports bras also helps prevent premature sagging. They keep you tucked in as you go by your daily activities, no matter how vigorous they are.

  1. They Help In Healing Cosmetic Surgeries

If you have undergone cosmetic surgery or any surgery around your breasts, you should wear sports bras. They are known to be a great help in the healing process.

That is because they keep your breasts intact and prevent any movement that can reopen the stitches. Surgeons highly recommend them after surgery.

  1. Help In Blood Circulation

Some support systems found in traditional bras like hooks can interrupt the blood flow on your upper body. However, with sports bras, there is no interference with blood flow as they only have bands as support systems.

  1. Can Be Worn Anytime Anywhere

In the past, sports bras were an item worn only when working out. However, these days, they have come in many styles that make them wearable anywhere anytime. Sports bras have become a great alternative for regular bras. You can wear them even on a normal day.

  1. Fashionable

Since they come in so many styles, sports bras can help add a little fashionable look to your outfit. Some come with great details on the back, which is excellent to style tops with low backs.

  1. Modesty

If you have a job where you need to look good and not show so much skin, a sports bra under your top will be the perfect fit. Also, they give you the confidence to tend or even dance without worrying about showing off too much.

  1. Offer Storage Space

For people who love jogging or working out, some sports bras come with a pouch where you can put your keys or even mp3 player. That reduces the number of things you have to carry in your hand.

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