After spending 2020 indoors, sweat pants and uncertainty of the week became the “new normal” for many of us guys. However, 2021 is here, and it looks like we see a potential end to this pandemic. That means getting back to work at the office, going out with friends, and getting back to looking and feeling our best. Here are a few ways to get yourself out from under a pile of Doordash bags and Netflix binges, and all cleaned up.

Wearing People Clothes Again


When it comes to all things men’s style, look no further than The Quintessential Man is a site dedicated to everything that a man needs to look and feel better in their own body. Offering updates on the latest trends in men’s clothing, grooming, and more, this blog can keep you in the know as you get back into civilization after lockdown.

If your wardrobe could use some updating, don’t feel like you have to log onto some random retail website to get a few new polos. Expand your horizons with what’s in for 2021. With innovations in the men’s suit game, you may want to opt for a soft suit, taking a less tailored approach when what most men are used to. You may not expect it, but the color yellow is actually popping up as a unique option in shirts and shoes. You wouldn’t think yellow gold would look good on anything besides a watch or a hot dog, but it is actually the pop of color your wardrobe may be looking for.

Watches and Style Pairings


While the construct of time seemed to no longer exist in 2020, the clock is starting back up this year. Take a look at this Patek blog article to get an idea of what to look for in the watch world, finding the perfect watch without getting crushed by the price tag. Watches have come a long way from the traditional quartz piece with white gold. Patek Philippe, a leading designer in luxury watches, has become renowned for the configuration of the world timer. Dating back to World War II, these watches allow a wearer to know the hour in their location and the clock in a different time zone.

The modern-era design of these world timers has become another iconic watch on the market. It has a white gold finish and easier-to-read subdials that make it even more appealing than its predecessor. You don’t need to a luxury watch collector to appreciate the function and fashion of these pieces. You can make this the eye-popping piece of jewelry that will shine on your first night out.

Hair and Beard Maintenance

5 Best Beard Care Tools for Men

Most of us went months without a haircut or grew a quarantine beard that made us look like Tom Hanks upon rescue in Cast Away. Heck, you may have even had a day or two where you just forgot to shower. That’s all going to change in 2021 as you get yourself cleaned up and ready to hit the town.

You may have noted on social media that more men’s brands are jumping into the skincare market to emphasize moisture, especially for your face. Some women’s cosmetics companies are even taking an approach to men’s appearances with beard oils and other liniments. A beard trim is the first step to cleaning up your quarantine look, along with a carefully crafted buzz to go with a lengthier coif up top. Considering this may be your first haircut in nearly a year, don’t hesitate to go for bold in the new year.