Here Jimmy Lion go again: and you better be ready for the launch of the second collection made in partnership between Jimmy Lion and Pacha Ibiza.

The Pacha Ibiza x Jimmy Lion Collection

Once again, Jimmy Lion collaborate with Pacha Ibiza to offer you a collection of socks that will become the favorite accesory to your looks. Athletic designs with the essence of Pacha as the protagonist.


The perfect partner to launch this summer collection as a global reference in entertainment, tourism, night clubbing and music events since 1967.


Inspired on the Ibiza summertime feel with all Pacha Ibiza iconography across the different products you will find on this collection a versatile perspective with athletic designs, young timeless colors, that are easy to wear and fully in-line with the current trends.

Because let’s face it, on this pandemic who doesn’t miss summer in Ibiza? 😉


The collection is available starting April 15th, make sure to grab your socks and order now – summer is just around the corner, so hurry up! 😊