The watch[gear s3 frontier bands] industry of the world has many important players, trying to emerge to the top. Nonetheless, only a few are able to make it to the top due to their sheer hard work. Creating timepieces that bring magic to the world is simply a fact, suited aptly to the leading watch brands of the world.

These brands are fully involved in producing quality designs with supreme craftsmanship, bringing to us the most luxurious watches, having several of the features. Therefore, they climb to the top and strive to remain there for a long time.


A notable brand thinks far ahead from where we are breathing at the moment. They are thoughtful about modern designs and functionality that will help our cause in the days to come. Hence, the timepieces are so elegant and unique that they remain to be relevant even after 10 or 20 years.

Hardly beaten by the competitors, possessing the will to excel, a few watch brands have made a special place in the hearts of all the watch enthusiasts. So, today we are going to have a look at 10 of those watch brands that have managed to sell the most watches and have been really popular in the entire world.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

1. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet was founded in 1875 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. They both managed to bring high-quality timepieces to the audiences who craved for luxury and reliability. The watch brand produces 36000 timepieces within a span of a year. Also, Tiffany & Co and Bulgari are known to use the movements coming from Audemars Piguet.

Audemars Piguet managed to grab a feather into the cap by being the first-ever watch brand to come up with a steel luxury sports watch. It is named Royal Oak, launched in 1972.

Then in 1993, the watch brand once again captured the hearts of fans by launching the first oversized watch known as Royal Oak Offshore. Initially, when Audemars Piguet took off, they set insane prices to their watches. (The price tag might be justified due to the amazing quality and designs).

Nonetheless, slowly and gradually, they determined the right price policy for their timepieces.

2. Blancpain

Swatch group is really famous whose subsidiary is Blancpain. It was founded in 1735. Since its launch, the brand has only grown upwards. The scale refuses to go down!

Now, the brand focuses on modernizing its designs and patterns in order to create an excellent craft that is nowhere to be found in the industry.

Also, the brand possesses several different types of watches, appealing to every age group. The minimalistic designs and the creative layouts call us to explore the brand a lot more than before.

3. Chopard

Chopard is another Swiss brand that has managed to win hearts time and again. It was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, a Swiss watchmaker who dreamt of changing the watch industry. The brand is also famous for making jewelry.

With innovations and brilliant craftsmanship, the brand quickly became a huge name. The timepieces carry their own unique value which is a priority for many.

4. Vacheron Constantin

It is one of the oldest manufacturers of luxury watches. The brand was founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755, in Geneva Switzerland. The watches that are produced by VacheronConstantin are filled with details and the dimensions are sleek to suit every wrist.

They are also renowned for keeping the old-school style intact. Plus, they never compromise on the traditional factor and maintain their heritage in the watches that they manufacture.

Napolean Bonaparte, Harry Truman, and Pope Pius IX are the figures that had the pleasure of wearing Vacheron Constantin watches.

5. Patek Philippe

The most-popular Swiss watch brand was founded in 1851. The designs of the brand are said to be technical and complicated, influencing the affluent community. Plus, the brand features the traditional styles in their watches and have created their own class.

Also, throughout the history of Patek Philippe, it is worn by royalty and many other significant personalities. The signature style appeal to both men and women.

Also, the brand is highly consistent when it comes to advertising and promotion. Their promotional campaigns are incredible, owing to steal anyone’s heart.

6. IWC Schaffhausen

It was launched in 1868. The watch enthusiasts keep it high above on their list when it comes to designing and durability at the same time. The craftsmanship and the engineering incorporated on all the watch models are simply superb. This brand builds a separate identity and endeavors to maintain it!

7. Rolex

When you talk about the highest-selling watch brands, the name “Rolex” will definitely find its place. It is a much-acclaimed watch brand that has attempted to rise from time to time. The brand loyal to Rolex vouch for their watches and get it with their eyes closed.  It has featured on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful global brands which is another indicator of the brand’s success. It is said that Rolex makes around 2000 watches per day which is definitely a huge figure!

8. Ulysse Nardin

The brand came into existence in 1846. It is highly popular for being distinctive in terms of visual appeal. Plus, the brand is notable for its craftsmanship which is praised all over the globe. It keeps on experimenting in terms of using a variety of colors in their watches. Their bold steps are appreciated by the watch aficionado.

9. Jaeger-LeCoultre

Abbreviated as JLC, the Swiss brand is the most luxurious watch brand that was launched in 1833. The unique and in-depth aesthetics are ready to mesmerize anyone who wears it on their wrists. The classic and traditional touch of the watch brand is simply visible in every watch[withings watch straps] that is launched by JLC.

10. Panerai

It was founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy. Now, the brand operates in Milan, Italy. The brand has managed to grab clientele from every part of the world. The bold designing, the grand look, and the minimalistic visuals of the watches coming from Panerai are definitely show-stealer!


Rolex Watches

So, here we have come to an end of our list that depicted the best-selling watch brands of the world. These brands are best in terms of quality and reliability. So, which one will you buy next?