What Youtube is to a digital world is exactly Pewdiepie is to Youtube. Topping with 105 million subscribers, he is one of the few who rose to such a level of fame on video search engine platform.

In this post, we are going to review some of the official merchandise Pewdiepie has introduced since he shot fame on Youtube. We are going to rank some of his favorite items with categories includes, hoodies, his famous gaming chair, and many more.


1. Apparel: ‘’Zero Deaths Hoodie & T-Shirt

One of his favorite releases as fans has a lot of love for the classic white ‘’Zero Deaths’’ hoodies and tees. It tops out as the best selling from the handful of Pewdiepie hoodies on the market. It draws on that old-school meme power.

Zero death associated with Pewdiepie back in 2016 when he did a live gameplay streaming of Dark Souls III, claiming zero deaths. However, his claims were not aptly accurate enough he definitely suffered a few deadly blows. Thus zero deaths became a quick catchphrase for Felix, thus became a hotshot meme among his fandom.

Zero Deaths hoodies are popular among the fans as a sense of nostalgia. It is available on the Youtuber’s e-commerce platform ‘Represent’ for $49.00.

2. Apparel: The Swedish Meatball Shirt

Pewdiepie’s love for the Swedish meatballs is self-explanatory. Therefore, he capitalized on this mouth-watering delicacy long sleeve shirt in monochromatic meatball design. Fans love this Tshirt for so many reasons. Firstly, the design is simple and could be worn in a variety of styles. Pewdiepie loves the idea of layering with a plain button-down shirt over top. A lot of fans copied this style, also became a hotshot trend with other Youtubers too.

Also, the  ‘insider’s only’ aspect to the design, giving it a secretive touch which could only be recognizable to other Pewdiepie fans.

This merch could be a great gift idea for a Pewdiepie Merch website if you’re not sure about their fashion sense since its simple layout could go with any style. Also, who doesn’t have a thing for Meatballs?

This shirt is available at the official Pewdiepie store shoppewdiepie.com since you would be getting the original stockings. This limited edition shirt is available for $28.00.

3. Gadgets: Zero Death Gaming Headsets

This post is incomplete without this fun little gadget. Pewdiepie recently launched the headsets by the name Razen Kraken Pro V2 in the neon red edition. The headsets were manufactured by Razer, a leading hardware brand for gamers. One can recognize Razer by their triple-headed snake trademark.

Pewdiepie collaborated with the brand to bring fans custom-designed pair of these headphones that contain Youtuber’s signature brofist logo in place of the snake. Pewdiepie generally ends his videos with his brofist gesture.

These headphones are very light, composed of lightweight bauxite aluminum. Boasting with 50 mm audio drivers, these headphones pack a heavy punch in the sound category. These headset comes with a noise cancellation support, so you can become fully immersed in the gameplay. the original selling price for this merchandise is $79.99.

4. Collabs: The Tsuki Brand

Founded by his wife Marzia Bisognin, the apparel brand is full of fluorescent pastels and millennial graphic design.

The “Why Are You Sad Cropped Overalls” is the top collection from the Tsuki lineup which reminds of undeniably quirky undertone. Its sad face logo embroidered on the front of all apparel takes the design more into minimal yet elegant fashion. Every item is simple but gives a special little touch unique to Tsuki.

The best part about these clothing lineups is they are unisex and could become a great gifting option.

5. Office: The Pewdiepie Clutch Chair

Labeled as  ‘gaming throne’, this chair by Clutch Chairz is the ultimate Pewdiepie merch. It’s unique design simply makes it something you’ll love to use every day. This chair is marked by Pewdiepie’s signature logo brofist in the center of the chair’s backrest.

It’s neon red color gives chair a unique design and sense of movement. This merch could be a unique item from Pewdiepie’s store to own personally.

This chair could cost you $469.99 and is seriously worth each dime.

We hope this post helps you discover new top items or must-have items from the wide range of Pewdiepie merch on the market.