Colorful printed leggings are among the mightiest fashion trends of this summer… And the last one. And the one before, for that matter.

Lightweight, elastic, comfy, and springy, they easily make it a top choice for different purposes – from going to the gym to styling yourself up for the next summer festival on the calendar and everything in between.

So, what to wear with crazy print leggings depending on the occasion? Below, you will find our brief fashion guide for everyday styling and rave trends that all circle around our favourite garments of all times – the all-over printed spandex leggings.

Styling Printed Leggings for Everyday Purposes

Who needs a special occasion in order to look special? Not you, obviously.

When casual looks are concerned, you can balance your crazy printed leggings with a simplistic monochrome top to achieve a relatively harmonious and crisp appearance. Thus, you can be off-beat without going wildly extravagant – an exterior excellent for taking a stroll, hanging out with the crew, or just grabbing a beer in the hot summer haze.


More good news – body-tight printed leggings also go pretty well with almost any type of shoewear. From flat sporty models to high heels and even classic sneakers – as long as the hues match, you’ll have the fresh front-cover look you’ve been looking for.

Styling Spandex Leggings for a Party

Printed leggings made of high-quality lycra are a top pick for parties, and the reasons behind that fact are way too many. They are ideally supportive, sexy as hell, and comfy like nothing else, just to begin with.

So, what’s the distinct styling for a pair of crazy leggings that are about to take you to a party?

Of course, you can never go wrong with a sexy crop top. The abundance of designs and cuts will let you underline the best features of your figure, thus making you feel confident, alluring, and ready to paint the town red. Cutout or not, long-sleeved or sleeveless? Your outfit, your idea of supremacy.


What else to keep in mind when coming up with your festival looks?

• Match the fabrics and better wear your pair of spandex leggings with a spandex or lycra top.
• Better don’t mix patterns and motifs too hard. For example, a pair of futuristic robotic leggings might not look fantastic with a psychedelic top, right?
• If you have any doubts – pick a matching two-piece set and sphere yourself the trouble of having to come up with a flawless combination yourself.
• When choosing the shoes for a party, always put comfort first. You’re probably about to dance the night away, so you better do not voluntarily sabotage yourself.

Last but not least – now is the time to steal the show with all the mad-hat accessories you’ve been saving up for the proper occasion. Party fashion is nothing like everyday fashion, so the bigger, the brighter, and the crazier – the better!

How to Wear Crazy Print Leggings for Sports?

Stretchy and pliable as they are, printed leggings are an outstanding garment for various types of sports – from gym sessions and jogging to yoga, pilates, gymnastics, and tens of others.

In fact, there are special models with shape-molding, tummy-control, and tight-supporting effects made particularly for dynamic body movements. Anyway, virtually every pair of high-waisted printed leggings can prove to be delightfully suitable for your daily sports routine.


Depending on the season, your preferences, and the sport itself, you can pair the leggings with a sports tee, a sports bra, or just your favourite blouse that feels right on the body.

Another way to level up your gym experience is to jump in one of the latest uniquely designed sports unitards: a trendy blend between leggings and crop tops with high support for the body.

Crazy Leggings Anytime, Crazy Leggings Anywhere!

To sum it up: your printed leggings will look just right with a cutout sports bra, an oversized hooded top, and even your favourite cardigan.

They will give you the freedom to experiment with different styles, looks, trends, and motifs, making you a perfect shape-shifter and a mighty trend-setter.

From the couch at home to the hottest EDM festival or cosplay event – the crazier the leggings, the crazier the experience!

So, are you ready to find the best version of yourself and show it off to the world?