A straw hat is a fashion trend that never gets old! In summers, whether you’re wearing a casual summer outfit, rocking a beach look, or just strolling in the park, a straw hat will always compliment your attire.

A hat brimmed with interwoven fibers, synthetics, or straw-like materials is none other than the famous straw hat. The materials used in a straw hat are taken from plants or artificially made.The materials such as jute, raffia, and braided hemp, etc., with textures and patterns in various ways to appear more beautiful and fashionable.

These hats are specially designed to safeguard your head from heatstroke, but it is fashionable as well. Straw hats are unisex, i.e., both men and women can wear them. Their popularity is due to its light-weightless-ness and feature of cooling and ventilation during hot summer days. Another choice is the steampunk top hat a popular gothic choice. It is not a straw hat, but popular for dress ups and themed parties.


What are the various types of Straw Hats?

A straw hat doesn’t just give you a stylish yet cute look, but also it helps you protect your head from harsh rays of the sun while keeping it breathable. Or maybe you simply need a beautiful hat to save you from your bad hair day! A straw top hat is your answer. Now let’s get acquainted with the type of straw hats:

  • The boater straw style:

These hats are commonly made with hard straw. This style is easy to identify with itsrigid flat brim and Crown. Traditionally, the boater style was a popular men’s choice, but nowadays, it is popular amongst women.

This hat has a short brim,thus supporting a formal yet stylish lookwith heat protection and ventilation facilities.

  • Panama Straw Hat Style:

This hat style is popular for its comfortability, breathability, and classic look. Preferred mostly by men who wear it with silk or linen suits. It is normally made with Toquilla straw of light color.

Just as almost every straw hat, the tighter it is woven, the more expensive it is. Therefore, these hats are in the expensive category.

  • Fedora Straw Hats:

The Fedora Straw hats are similar to the Panama hats in the appearance department. But the major difference is the material.

The Fedoras are famous for their classic look and shape. Many manufacturers create fedoras with materials other than straw as well as felt. A fedora hat has a known shape that sports a wide brim (often), pinched on both sides and a low crown.

A straw fedora hat is for both men and women. They are lightweight, stylish, and modern, compliments many attires, and provides sun protection.

  • Floppy Beach Straw Hat:

This style of straw hat is especially popular amongst women. As the name suggests, they are beach hats with wide brims that providesun protection and arecomplimentary to cover-ups and bikinis. These are available in various price ranges.

For maximum sun protection,go fora tightly weaved hat with a 10″ wide brim. It’ll provide shoulder protection as well. Pick your beach hat carefully else you might get sunburnt.

  • The Lifeguard Straw Hat:

These are the hats made famous by their name as coast guards, and lifeguards wear them. But is popular amongst fishermen, gardeners, etc. as well.These straw hats are quite different due to their adjustable chin strap and high crowns.

However stylish the design is, thick and stiff straw and flexible weave, form these hatsas they are not for sun protection.

  • The Garden Straw Hat:

The Garden Straw hats, as suggested by their name,are very popular among gardeners. They are lightweight with moderate brims that protect from harsh UV rays of the sun. These straw hats come with a chin strap so that they won’t fall of amidst gardening.

This style of hat is most popular among men. And also, among people who like to wear a hat while doing some activity.

  • The Derby Straw Hat:

The straw hats though unisex but it is especially popular amongst women. This style is of a lampshade design, i.e.,they tend to have a lampshade-like crown.

They have wide brims that provide outstanding sun protection with a theatrical design. Thus, boosting any outfit look.

These are the few most popular straw-hat types and designs.


Style and Sun protection in a single package:

Straw top hats are more than just a fashion statement. They provide you protection against the sun and save you from face tan and sunburns.

So, how good your straw hat is when it comes to sun protection? The answer to this depends on the tightness with which it is weaved. It is natural to have spaces in it as it is a straw hat but buy a finely and tightly woven hat. It will provide you maximum sun protection and compliments almost every summer outfit.


When it comes to prices, these hats are rather expensive. But what is better than a hat that gives you fashion as well as comfort.

Hats are not just something that you wear casually, but it is an accessory to your outfit. Keeping the properties and design in mind, you can decide what suits your style best