Everyone has his or her take on almost everything. Coffee is no different. Several studies describe the principal differences between men’s and women’s coffee preparation and drinking habits.

However, we bet you are not familiar with how real men want from their coffee. If you like to learn the 13 things only real men do when it comes to coffee, this post is for you.

1. Making Coffee is a Good Workout

Real men never buy their favorite cup of coffee from a local coffee house – they make their own coffee.

They believe that an excellent cuppa can only come from good ol’ sweat and tears. From carrying bags of fresh coffee beans to roasting them in a makeshift roaster, real men prefer to do everything by hand.

They may use some gadgets along the way, but they will appreciate their coffee more if they put effort into its making.

2. They Roast Their Own Coffee

Instead of buying pre-roasted coffee beans, real men would rather choose roasting coffee beans on their own. The steps to roasting coffee beans at home are pretty straightforward that true-blue coffee-loving guys cannot have it any other way.


They get to roast the beans to perfection, just the way they like them. It is a worthwhile activity, an accomplishment that can boost one’s ego.

3. Only the Strongest and Boldest Coffee Will Do

Most people like a bit of sweetness in every cup of coffee. Some love to add cream or milk. However, only the strongest and boldest coffee is sufficient to satisfy a real man’s caffeine addiction.

They drink Barako (strong coffee) and other coffee varieties famous for throwing a powerful punch with each sip. The blacker and caffeine-packed the drink is, the more enticing it is to the real man.

4. The More, the Merrier

If you are a real guy, one or two cups of coffee every day are never enough. You should have at least five – one each during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and two during breaks.

Of course, real men can drink more than five cups a day. For them, drinking coffee is more than a mere energy booster and focus enhancer. It is a lifestyle.

5. No Fancy Coffee-making Stuff

Some men love the convenience of a super-automatic espresso machine or a latte machine. However, real men prefer simpler coffee-making gadgets, such as a manual drip coffee maker, a percolator, a French press, a Moka pot, or even a siphon coffee maker.

It may seem counterintuitive, but men prefer to keep things straightforward. As long as they get bold flavors from their coffee, everything is good.

6. Real Men Grind Their Coffee Beans

Real men never buy coffee grounds. They purchase the finest coffee beans they could find, and they grind their own coffee using a manual coffee grinder.

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Grinding coffee beans using a manual grinder allows real men to have exceptional control over the grinding process. They can crush the beans to their preferred consistency while ensuring the evenness of the grounds. It is one of the best ways to ensure a fabulous cup of coffee.

7. Milk is for Sissies

You may have a fascination for lattes and other milk-based coffee drinks, but real men never put milk in their caffeinated beverages. Most men find it absurd.

The best way for real men to enjoy their coffee is black, bold, and strong. Any hint of lightness or change in the coffee’s color is a bastardization of the beverage.

8. No to Instant

While real men can appreciate the convenience of instant coffee, its taste never excites them. That is why they always love their coffee brewed.

Brewed coffee has a distinct flavor and aroma that no instant product can ever capture. For the true-blue caffeine addict, instant coffee is never the best way to go. It does not matter if they have to wait several minutes to enjoy a cup.

9. Drink Fast and Hard

You may have seen people sitting on a park bench with a large coffee-filled Segway mug in hand. They prefer small sips, savoring the goodness of the coffee.

However, real men drink their coffee fast and hard, especially espressos. They can down a shot in three gulps, the way Italians drink their espresso.

10. An Everyday Cup is a Must

Some men drink coffee only once or twice a week, while others may limit their consumption to once every other day. Real men drink caffeinated beverages every day.

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Coffee does not only boost your energy. It can also help you focus more. That is why real men drink coffee every day to help them accomplish the things in their house, office, and anywhere else.

11. No Sugar, Please

We already mentioned that real men prefer black coffee with profound aromas and flavors. Adding sugar to the coffee alters the beverage’s unique characteristics. Real men do not like that.

Adding sugar can also increase your risk of diabetes, especially if you already have a genetic predisposition to the disease. You have to understand that diabetes is more common in men than in women.

12. Single-origin is a Must

Coffee connoisseurs always recommend drinking only single-origin coffee because it offers the most immersive experience. Real men also have this mindset.

Single-origin coffee allows real men to appreciate the intricacies of a particular coffee varietal grown and harvested from a particular region.

13. Any Vessel will Do

Some people expect to drink their coffee from the right vessel. After all, enjoying good-quality coffee is more pleasant when you drink it from the correct cup.


However, real men do not care where they drink their coffee from. It can be a cup, a beer mug, or a thermos bottle. What is crucial is they get their caffeine kick regardless of the container holding the drink.

Bottom Line

These 13 things only real men do when it comes to coffee sum up what we all know all along. Real men know what they want and prefer to do things their way. The same is true when making and enjoying coffee. While men are not as picky as women, they love their coffee strong and bold, and prepared in only real men know how.

About the Author

Charles Vallena is the founder and managing editor of Cuppabean.com, a coffee blog that helps people make better coffee by providing expert insights, recipes, and in-depth reviews on coffee makers. Follow Cuppabean on Facebook here.