For some people, tofu is the magic ingredient that instantly livens up almost any meal. The only common regret is that they just can’t seem to get enough of it. It may even be that too few people know how to press their own tofu. With this in mind, here’s a list where you can find a top tofu presser for your kitchen.


1. Torfurture Press

The amazing new Torfurture Press is quite the designer model. This is the unit that gives you all that you need to press tofu like a million dollar salaried chef. If you need to learn the ropes, this is the model that experts can’t recommend highly enough

The unit comes with a slew of features that will amaze and delight even the most finicky tofu lovers. These include a handy container that is designed to catch and store all of the excess water that is in the process of being drained. Since no one likes watery tofu, you’ll have to agree that this is a major addition.

The Tofurture model also comes with rubber band tension that is fully adjustable at all angles. This gives it the desired level of maximum flexibility. The unit is covered with a full warranty of guaranteed quality that comes straight from the maker. When it comes to tofu pressing, this is the one the experts endorse.


2. EZ Tofu Press Plated Model

The EZ Tofu Press Plated Model has been garnering rave reviews from industry experts and home cooking enthusiasts alike. When you weigh the wide range of features the model contains against its cost effective price, it’s not hard to see why. This is a model for serious home cooking.

This particular EZ Tofu Press is fully plated to give you the utmost precision and ease in your cooking experience. The model is designed to spare no time in pressing tofu to your full satisfaction. The average estimated time for pressing is a mere 15 minutes. This gives you the option to serve tofu at your leisure.

One of the finest features of this model is the specially designed centering marks. These marks are placed centrally in order to allow for proper tofu block placement. Knowing that your tofu is in the exact right position prior to starting the pressing process takes a lot of time and effort off your hands.

3. TofuXPress: The Gourmet Tofu Press

Sometimes you want to take your tofu with you to a whole new height of culinary pleasure. When you get this urge, your natural companion should be the brand new Gourmet Tofu Press by TofuXPress. True to its name, this is the model that allows you to press tofu in exciting new ways that even seasoned gourmets may not yet be aware of.

One of its most exciting new features is the addition of a special marinating dish. This will allow your tofu to soak in all of the special sauce that you add to the mix. If you prefer your tofu solo, you can let it stay fresh in the dish until you are ready to eat. The unit is fully warrantied by the manufacturer.

4. Super Tofu Press Plated Model

Have you been longing to finally be able to buy a tofu press that is safe to use in your dishwasher? The new Super Tofu Presses Plated Model will fit this bill in divine style. This is one of the very first tofu presses that can be fully washed not only by hand but even in your dishwasher.

The unit also comes with a slew of other features that make it well worth noting by gourmet lovers and industry experts alike. For example, it features a full control tension knob complete with spring action. This gives you the ultimate level of control over the tension by which you choose to press your next meal.

5. Raw Rutes Stainless Steel Press

If you like your tofu presser built to last, the Raw Rutes Stainless Steel Press will more than fit your bill. The unit is made of one hundred percent stainless steel, built to last, and backed with a full warranty.

It’s not only shiny steel on the exterior but all through the unit as well. You should also note that the model can be used as part of a mold. When it comes to pressing and shaping tofu in the form you desire, you can’t go wrong with this exciting new model. It’s cost effective and very easy to operate and clean.


You Can Press Your Tofu in Style

If you have long been looking for the best way to press your own tofu, we’ve got your back. The above list will give you some great new tofu presses to liven up your next meal. No modern kitchen is complete without one of these little beauties. The time for you to order your cost effective tofu presser is now.