Boba Drinks – The Best Refreshing Beverages For Hot Summer

Boba Drinks

People are always trying to find a way to alleviate the effects of a heatwave during hot summer days. We try using all kinds of ways like turning on AC and ceiling fans, or drinking refreshing beverages. Lemonade and cold soda are great choices to cool down, yet there is an even better option – bubble tea. Boba drinks will keep you refreshed and energized even in a scorching sun. Do you want to know which boba drinks are the best for extensive heat? Then read on!

Cooling down with ice blended boba drinks

The first refreshing option that is on our list is ice blended bubble tea. There is a variety of boba drinks flavors to choose from, yet not every one of them will be as refreshing as another. What we suggest trying during the hot summer is:

  • Coffee Ice Blended with Ice Cream – This mix combines our two favorite refreshing ingredients: coffee and ice cream. As you can imagine, it’s even better to have them together than to have them separately, so it’s definitely a great option for hot summers.
  • Fruity Ice Blended Bubble Teas – Fruity boba drinks are refreshing themselves, yet when blended with ice they become even more rejuvenating. Thus, you should definitely try them on boiling days.

Refreshing boba drinks with aiyu jelly topping

Aiyu jelly is a Taiwanese dessert often incorporated into bubble teas. It’s mild, slightly sweet and has a hint of light citrus depending on the way it is prepared. It is also extremely refreshing. This makes it a great topping choice for any drink meant to be consumed during the summer.

Many boba stores offer drinks with aiyu jelly. Since the topping pairs really well with fruit tea, these beverages are even more refreshing. If you are looking for an invigorating beverage for the hot summer, you should definitely try flavors which combine:

  • aiyu jelly topping
  • pineapple
  • wintermelon
  • kiwi

Freshening bubble tea mojitos

Finally, there is yet another refreshing bubble tea option to battle the heatwaves – mojitos. It’s not common for bubble tea shops to have alcohol-free mojito, but at Sharetea they offer their signature mojito series on the menu. These boba drinks are extremely refreshing due to the use of two ingredients: mint and ice. If you add lime or mango to that, you get an ideal beverage that will help you survive even on the hottest days.

It is also worth noting that bubble tea mojitos are usually based on green tea, which is known to be light and subtle. Thus, they are wonderful when you need to be productive, yet find it difficult due to heat. You’re sitting at work, but the AC cannot manage to cool the room down, and it is hard to focus? A mojito bubble tea will be perfect. 


The takeaway

Boba drinks are a wonderful way to stay refreshed and full of energy during the summer heatwaves. Their ice cold, fruity flavors and ingredients such as mint flavor or aiyu jelly topping make them the perfect choice for unbearable summer weather. They will be great both for your vacation and as your everyday drink – so next time when you feel that it is too hot, visit your local bubble tea store and try the refreshing bobas yourself – you’ll see how good they are.