Capitalizing On The Rise in Popularity & Demand of Avocados

Avocados have taken the culinary world by storm thanks to their delicious flavor, creamy texture and impressive health benefits. Their sudden popularity has resulted in global skyrocketing demand, creating fantastic business opportunities.

Whether it’s for starting an avocado product line, investing in avocado farming, or expanding restaurant menus with more avocado offerings, this article is here to help you understand and capitalize on this popular avocado trend.

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Current trends and consumption patterns

Avocado consumption has seen a notable surge, particularly among consumers in developed regions like North America and Western Europe. Wellness-minded consumers are turning to avocados for their abundant monounsaturated fat content, fiber, and essential nutrients.

Avocados have become a mainstay in numerous diets, from keto to vegan. Aside from culinary uses, avocados are increasingly being included in skincare products due to their rich vitamin E content.
● The breakfast trend: Avocados have evolved from being a niche product to a mainstream breakfast item — thanks largely to the rise of the ‘avocado toast’ trend.

● Mexican cuisine: The increasing popularity of Mexican cuisine globally has significantly boosted the demand for avocados, with guacamole being a beloved dish.

● Healthy fats movement: Avocados are often referred to as a ‘superfood,’ and they have benefited from the trend towards consuming more ‘healthy fats.’

● Avocado-based products: There is a rising trend of avocado-based products such as oils,
mayonnaise, and even avocado ice creams.


The nuances of avocado farming

Avocado farming is a complex yet rewarding process that requires understanding various environmental factors and farming techniques. Here’s a primer on the essentials of growing this superfood:

Climate conditions

Avocados thrive best in tropical and subtropical climates. They prefer a temperature range of 60-85°F (15-29°C) and are sensitive to extreme heat, cold, and wind. Avocados need ample sunshine but also some protection from intense midday sun.

Soil requirements

Avocados require well-draining soil, as their roots are highly susceptible to rot in waterlogged conditions. They prefer slightly acidic to neutral soil (pH 6-7) but can tolerate a broad range from 5 to 8. Soil enriched with organic matter helps boost the tree’s growth.

Planting and spacing

Avocado trees require ample room to flourish. Standard-sized trees require 15-20 feet, while dwarf varieties only need 8-10. It is best to plant in early spring to give the tree time to establish itself before winter comes around.


While avocados require moderate watering, overwatering is a common mistake. Soil should be allowed to dry slightly between watering sessions to prevent root rot.


Avocado trees need a balanced fertilizer containing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, as well as trace elements like iron, zinc, and copper manganese for optimal growth.


Regular pruning helps shape the tree, control its size, and encourage more fruitful branching. The best time to prune is usually in the late winter or early spring.

By understanding these vital factors and adhering to best farming practices, you can successfully cultivate a healthy and productive avocado farm.

Capitalizing on avocados

There are numerous ways to capitalize on the ever-growing avocado trend, whether you’re in the food industry, beauty sector, or investment arena. Here are a few strategies that could prove lucrative.

Product diversification

Consider developing a range of avocado-based products, from food items like spreads, dressings, and ice creams to beauty products such as hair masks, face creams, and body lotions. Avocados’ versatile nature and health benefits make them valuable in numerous sectors.

Restaurant and catering services

If you’re in the food business — incorporating avocados into your menu can attract health-conscious consumers. From avocado toasts and salads to smoothie bowls and guacamole, there are numerous dishes you can experiment with to capitalize on the avocado trend.

Farming and exporting

If you have access to the right climate and land, venturing into avocado farming could be profitable. The global demand for avocados is high, and quality produce can fetch a good market price. Exporting avocados to countries where the fruit isn’t grown can also yield substantial profits.


Investing in companies that produce, distribute, or make products with avocados could be another way to capitalize on the avocado trend. As the popularity of this superfood continues to rise, businesses operating in this sphere are likely to see substantial growth.

The rise & demand of avocados

In the face of rapidly evolving food trends, the rise of avocados stands out as a testament to the power of healthy eating and versatility. From being a celebrated superfood to becoming a key ingredient in numerous culinary delights and skincare products, avocados have carved a valuable niche in various industries.

Whether through cultivation, product diversification, or strategic investments, the opportunities to profit from this green gold are abundant. As we continue to witness the burgeoning demand for this nutritional powerhouse, the avocado movement is not just a fleeting trend but rather a shift in our dietary habits and lifestyle choices.

Hence, capitalizing on avocados now could pave the way for massive gains and success in the future.