The most interesting fact about chocolate, and the only important one for most people, is that this treat tastes amazing. However, its sweet and seductive taste is actually only one of many fun things you should know about this global obsession. Next time you’re sharing a box of chocolate with your loved ones, make sure to bring up these interesting facts:

Chocolate was once used as currency

The very first origin of chocolate comes from the ancient Aztec and Mayans. These civilizations used cacao bean powder and mixed it with water (something like modern coffee). The two cultures traded with cacao relentlessly and used it in ceremonies, celebrations and all other special occasions. Cacao was a very important part of their lives, so important that they used it as currency and trade unit.

Solid chocolate originates from Great Britain


The ancient Mayans and Aztecs knew cacao and chocolate much differently from us. We mostly use chocolate in bars and little cubes. The first modern chocolate bar as we know it today was created in Britain in 1847 by Fry and Sons. By combining cocoa butter, chocolate liquor and sugar, Fry and Sons managed to create a solid treat we all love.

Chocolate can help your wellness

If you eat a lot of chocolate, you’ll gain weight and end up with some diseases like insulin resistance. The sentence you’ve just read might not be true at all. According to research, people who regularly ate chocolate had lower levels of fat in their abdomen and in general.

The key to reaping as many benefits from chocolate is to achieve moderation and focus on the right kind of chocolate. It’s possible to find healthy chocolate with Annatto E, contains 0g of sugar and has a high content of cacao—this is the real deal. The best chocolate bars are even enriched with supplements that can improve your focus, relaxation or sleep.

Chocolate is great for the brain


When you need a little midday kick, grab a small chocolate bar with plenty of cacao. Rich dark chocolate can give your brain a boost by widening blood vessels, improving blood flow and reducing blood pressure. All of this can bring more oxygen to your brain and keep you awake and focused.

After eating 60% cacao dark chocolate, people perform on a level higher than expected, so give this trick a try when you notice post-lunch sleepiness creeping in.

It has a unique consistency

Chocolate is the only substance humans can eat that melts at a temperature below human body temperature. This is why chocolate is so satisfying to eat because it instantly melts in your mouth.

However, today we can even enjoy chocolate that doesn’t melt that easily. Scientists from the Cadbury Company came up with a recipe for chocolate that can withstand higher temperatures. This chocolate can be transported and kept much more easily. It’s super practical yet equally tasty—it just contains a different kind of sugar and less fat.

Chocolate is celebrated all around the world

Events like birthdays and anniversaries are often celebrated with chocolate, but also holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween—there are many days dedicated to this magical treat. July 7th is also known as Chocolate Day, celebrated in commemoration of the day when chocolate arrived in Europe.

While the date might not be exactly correct, we have many reasons to remember it. July 28th is celebrated as the National Milk Chocolate Day, September 13th is the International Chocolate Day and November 7th is the National Bittersweet Chocolate day—make sure to celebrate them all with a piece of high-quality chocolate!

Now that you know a few things about the history of chocolate and its benefits for the human body and mind, you can quote them to whoever is trying to keep you away from your favorite chocolate bar.